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Flashpoints USA with Bryant Gumbel and Gwen Ifill is an innovative public affairs series from PBS that brings together both compelling examinations of critical issues and a dynamic pairing of two of the most respected names in journalism.

Religion in America Poll
Conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs
DECEMBER 19-21, 2003

1.Should same-sex marriages be legal, or not?
 Yes (should be legal)35%
 No (should not be legal)61%
 Don't Know / Not Sure4%
2.Would you favor or oppose a Constitutional Amendment that would define marriage as specifically involving a man and a woman, making same-sex marriages illegal and unconstitutional?
 Favor constitutional amendment49%
 Oppose constitutional amendment46%
 Don't Know / Not Sure4%
3a.Generally speaking, would you say America is a nation guided MORE by...?
 Judeo-Christian beliefs inspired by God40%
 laws written by men and women without direct religious intentions54%
 Don't Know / Not Sure6%
3b.America prints 'in God we trust' on its money, and Americans pledge allegiance to 'one nation, under God.' Does that mean America...?
 Literally asks its citizens and leaders to follow the rules of Judeo-Christian religions26%
 Does not imply any particular religious beliefs65%
 Don't Know / Not Sure9%
4.Should the Pledge of Allegiance include or NOT include the phrase, 'under God'?
 Yes (should include 'under God')84%
 No (should not include 'under God')14%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
5.Should it be permissible or NOT permissible to install a monument to the 10 Commandments in a courthouse?
 Yes (Should be permissible to install a monument to 10 Commandments)68%
 No (Should NOT be permissible to install a monument to 10 Commandments)30%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
6.Do you think the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were mostly intended to attack...
 Our nation's government and its policies80%
 Our nation's religious beliefs and predominant Christian faith13%
 Don't Know / Not Sure7%
7.Let me read you some situations that might come up, and for each one I read, tell me whether you feel comfortable with that or not comfortable with the situation. Do you feel comfortable ...
 With the way Hollywood portrays religious stories in movies and on television
 Yes (Feel comfortable)47%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)48%
 Don't Know / Not Sure6%
 Giving a government scholarship to someone studying to be a religious minister
 Yes (Feel comfortable)68%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)30%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
 Having the rest of the children in a public school recite the words 'one nation under God' even if it means students who may not believe ...
 Yes (Feel comfortable)63%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)34%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
 Saying America is a chosen nation selected by God to fulfill a destiny known only to God
 Yes (Feel comfortable)37%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)61%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
 Using taxpayer funds to send children to a Catholic, Christian or Jewish school
 Yes (Feel comfortable)45%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)53%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
 Posting the Ten Commandments in places where government requires people to be, such as classrooms or courthouses
 Yes (Feel comfortable)61%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)37%
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
 Starting public ceremonies such as government meetings or public school graduations with a prayer
 Yes (Feel comfortable)72%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)27%
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
 Using Federal funds to provide social services through a religious organization
 Yes (Feel comfortable)47%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)51%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
 Using taxpayer funds to send children to a school run by radical Muslims or follower of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon
 Yes (Feel comfortable)9%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)89%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
 Using taxpayer funds to set up a manger scene at Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ, or a Jewish menorah ...
 Yes (Feel comfortable)57%
 No (Do not feel comfortable)42%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
8.When you think of the Ten Commandments, do you think of them MORE as...
 universal rules of behavior all people agree on55%
 something you particularly associate with the religious beliefs of Jews, Catholics and Protestants40%
 Don't Know / Not Sure5%
9.Do you feel same-sex couples should or should not ...
 Be presumed to inherit the other partners' estate at death unless otherwise specified in a will
 Yes (Should)64%
 No (Should not)32%
 Don't Know / Not Sure5%
 Have the right to adopt children
 Yes (Should)49%
 No (Should not)47%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
 Take out a mortgage or buy a house together
 Yes (Should)77%
 No (Should not)20%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
 Be allowed to file a joint tax return
 Yes (Should)55%
 No (Should not)41%
 Don't Know / Not Sure4%
 Have a court decide how to divide up their assets in the event they break up
 Yes (Should)57%
 No (Should not)38%
 Don't Know / Not Sure5%
 Have the right to make medical decisions when the other partner is hospitalized
 Yes (Should)78%
 No (Should not)19%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
10.Do you feel same-sex couples should or should not... Have their partnership officially licensed by the government?
 Yes (Should)42%
 No (Should not)53%
 Don't Know / Not Sure5%
11.(If answered yes to #10) Should that be called...
 A marriage license50%
 A civil union48%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
12.In your own life, do you make...?
 All decisions based on your religion and the teachings of your church10%
 Most decisions21%
 No decisions based on religion and the teachings of a church22%
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
13a/b/c.When it comes to decisions about abortion/euthanasia/death penalty for convicted criminals, do you feel it is...
 Morally wrong to take life through euthanasia or abortion, but OK to execute criminals in some cases19%
 Morally wrong to take life through euthanasia or abortion, and morally wrong to execute criminals8%
 OK to take a life through euthanasia or abortion in some cases, but morally wrong to execute criminals10%
 OK to take a life through euthanasia or abortion in some cases, and OK to execute criminals in some cases62%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%
Party Affiliation
 Democrat (Net)31%
 Strongly Democrat12%
 Moderately Democrat11%
 Lean Democrat8%
 Republican (Net)32%
 Strongly Republican14%
 Moderately Republican11%
 Lean Republican7%
 Don't Know / Not Sure30%
 Some other religion3%
 (NOT READ:) Not raised religiously4%
 Don't Know / Not Sure3%
Generally speaking, do you attend regular religious services outside of weddings and funerals...?
 Only a few times a year24%
 About once a month8%
 Every other week or so8%
 Once a week21%
 More than once a week14%
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
Age Group
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
 Standard Deviation16.9
 Standard Error0.5
Employment Status
 EMPLOYED (Net)60%
 --Full time51%
 --Part time9%
 Not employed18%
Education Status
 Grade school or some high school8%
 Completed high school23%
 Some community college or university, but did not finish20%
 Completed technical school or a community college17%
 Completed an university or Bachelor's degree19%
 Completed a post-graduate degree such as a Master's or Ph.D.12%
 Don't Know / Not Sure1%
Marital Status
Household Income
 Under $15,00011%
 $15,000 to less than $20,0006%
 $20,000 to less than $25,0009%
 $25,000 to less than $30,0006%
 $30,000 to less than $40,0009%
 $40,000 to less than $50,00010%
 $50,000 to less than $75,00017%
 $75,000 to less than $100,00010%
 $100,000 or more12%
 Don't Know / Not Sure12%
 American Indian1%
 Don't Know / Not Sure2%

Interviews: 1,001 adults
Margin of error: +/- 3%

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