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An Autobiography
Frank Lloyd Wright

ur Fellowship gatherings on Saturday and Sunday evenings began—October, 1932—the living room at Taliesin, continuing at Taliesin West in Arizona. These Fellowship gatherings for supper and a concert, or a reading and perhaps pertinent discussion (probably a little of these together), as I have said, have been going on for ten years. As for me, I have never failed to enjoy one of them. They were always happy and always fresh—not only composed of perfectly good material, good music, good food, enthusiastic young people, good company, but something rare and fine was in the air of these homely events byway of environment—atmosphere. No one felt, or looked, commonplace. The Taliesins (Middle West or West) are made by music for music and enter into the spirit of the occasion as if the one were made for the other. Eye music and ear music do go together to make a happy meeting for the mind—and the happy union charms the soul. This happy meeting is rather rare as independent intelligence is rare. We lived in it.

Olgivanna felt that the Fellowship—looking like the wrath of God during the week—should wash itself behind the ears, put on raiment for Sunday evenings and try to find its measure and its manners. Most of it had both. In the right place too. The girls all put on becoming evening clothes, did look, and were, charming. That clothes make a difference is one of the justification of our work as designers. On Sunday I scarcely recognized some of my own Fellows of the workday week. There was something vital and happy radiating from them all on these happy occasions when everybody served everybody else as though he were somebody, and willingly took the part in the entertainment he had been rehearsing. Part of it, of course, was because they were where they all wanted most to be—volunteers—doing, what they most loved to do. Very much at home. I am sure none will ever forget his share in Fellowship life on these eventful but simple occasions, and while the fellowships change with time and circumstances—these events keep their character and charm nevertheless.


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