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Use Arugula in Your Next Gnocchi with Pesto

Substitute arugula for basil to make a simply delicious pesto recipe to top on your gnocchi for a healthy dinner. Continue

Make Baked Eggs in Creamed Spinach

Eggs in Creamed Spinach recipe
The eggs will poach in the hot, creamy spinach, and the Gruyere makes a savory crust. Continue

Take Comfort with Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Everyone has a favorite comfort cookie. Try these cherry chocolate creations the next time you need a sweet treat. Continue

French Canadian Maple Syrup Pie

Maple Syrup Pie recipe
This Canadian maple syrup pie is a decadent Winter treat that fills your home with the maple syrup aroma. Continue

Make Smoked Cheesy Kale and Mushroom Strata

Smoked Cheesy Kale and Mushroom Strata recipe
Stratas are easy to prepare for large groups, and this recipe is comforting without being overly rich. Continue

Maximize Flavor in Vegetable Lasagna

This vegetable lasagna recipe features roasted vegetables, a rich tomato sauce, and a unique bechamel sauce. Continue

Kale, Pomegranate, and Caramelized Parsnip Salad

Kale Parsnip Salad recipe
Prepare a crispy maple-caramelized, roasted parsnip intermingled with sweet pomegranate seeds and shredded kale. Continue

Prepare Roasted Stuffed Peppers with Chicken and Rice

Roasted Stuffed Peppers with Chicken and Rice recipe
Make this paella-inspired dish combining savory rice, smoky chicken and sweet, tangy roasted peppers. See if you can use red, orange, yellow and green peppers! Continue

Make Chili Meatloaf for a Cozy Meal

Chili Meatloaf recipe
Combine the flavors of two belly-warming comfort foods in one satisfying dish. Continue

Make Vegetable Bolognese to Fill You Up

Vegetable Bolognese recipe
This vegetarian version of bolognese sauce is just as filling for a comforting Fall dish. Continue