Israeli Salad with Tahini Lemon Dressing

After three years of contributing nearly 200 of my favorite recipes and strategies for luring kids into the kitchen, this is my last post as a weekly contributor to Kitchen Explorers. I want to thank you for reading and commenting … Continue

Brie and Berries on a Baguette

A few years ago my brother Lincoln married his wonderful wife Caren in Bodega Bay, California. Bodega Bay is a magical area with golden hills abutting steep cliffs above the ocean. Lincoln and Caren were married on a farm on … Continue

Crispy Stuffed Tex-Mex Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheddar

School starts next week so I’m trying to get us back on an organized dinner schedule to ease the transition into the busy fall. One way to soothe the sorrow of summer ending is by making dinnertime fun. I like … Continue

Avocado Garlic Toasts

Just last week some beloved neighbors moved away. We had watched the Prestons’ kids grow up from grade school athletes who often played soccer and lacrosse in the front yard, to the successful, poised young professionals they are today. Now … Continue

Savory Spice-Rubbed Strip Steak

We don’t eat red meat too often, but I can’t get through summer without grilling steak for my family at least once. I like to put some vegetables on the grill with the steak so I can cook everything at … Continue

Blueberry Buckle

My friend Carrie Witkop is well known in our neighborhood for a number of things, like riding her bike everywhere she goes, even if it’s only one block, often with her skinny mutt Tasha trotting behind her, organizing neighborhood musicals … Continue

Perfect for Potlucks: Incan Quinoa Delight

Do you have a go-to dish to bring to a summer potluck? Or when someone asks you to bring a savory dish to a potluck, do you freeze? It’s easy enough to bring cookies or brownies to a casual summer … Continue

Swiss Chard with Garlic

Last week I made some Swiss Chard with Garlic using fresh Rainbow chard from the farmers market. The kids hadn’t really taken to Swiss Chard in the past, but this time they were intrigued by the beautiful pink and green … Continue