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Slider Buns

A squishy slider bun to rival your favorite fast-food versions. (Admit it, you love ‘em.) Continue


30-Minute Mole

A quick, easy, and remarkably tasty mole—in just 30 minutes. Continue


Chocolate Chip Cookies

The dreamiest, chewiest, chocolatey-chippiest, mouthwateringest cookies you ever had. Continue


The Science of Microwaves

That rectangular contraption gathering dust on your countertop? It’s your one-way ticket to bright, flavorful vegetables, warm salads, quick-and-delicious soups, three-step vegetable confit, crispy dehydrated meat, and so much more. What are you waiting for? Take the old girl for a spin. Continue


Corned Beef

Corned Beef from scratch: shockingly easy, super impressive. Try it once, never look back. Continue

Onion Cream_hero_shot

Swap Cream with Onion Purée for Better, Brighter Flavor

The surprising ingredient you can sub in for cream—you won’t believe it’s not dairy. Continue


How to Mince a Shallot

The kitchen task that used to make you cry is now fun and easy. Continue


Homemade Honey Glazed Ham

Golden-brown and gorgeous, this homemade ham puts the store-bought stuff to shame. Continue

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