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Smokerless Smoked Chicken

Juicy, tender, flavorful smoked chicken—no smoker required. Continue


This Is Not a Latte

It looks like a latte. It drinks like a latte. But it is not a latte. So what is it? Continue


Make Your Own Steak Knives!

Did you know you can take old butter knives and turn them into sharp-and-sexy steak knives? It’s true! Continue


Edible Emoji Egg

Ever been to a restaurant where you were served a cartoonishly perfect fried egg? Learn how to do it yourself at home. Continue


Perfectly Toasted Buns

One awesome trick for better burger buns. Continue


Fizzy Fruit

Best party trick ever: Surprise your guests with amazing fizzy fruit! Continue


Indoor Smoked Brisket

A better brisket, with juicy meat and a satisfying bark. Plus, you can make it indoors. Continue


Corn Dogs

Summer’s in full swing, and you know what that means: food on a stick. Continue

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