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How to Mince a Shallot

The kitchen task that used to make you cry is now fun and easy. Continue


Homemade Honey Glazed Ham

Golden-brown and gorgeous, this homemade ham puts the store-bought stuff to shame. Continue

Crab Benedict_chefsteps-youtube-thumbnail-template-2015.01(1)

Crab Benedict

The perfect Benedict recipe, with Dungeness crab meat instead of ham. Continue

chefsteps-green eggs and ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Double-crisped ham, custardy duck egg, and a green pea puree—Dr. Seuss would be proud. Continue

Ice Shells

Ice Shell

Put a water balloon to creative use for a stunning modernist garnish. Continue


Black Pepper Soufflé

Moist and fluffy, sweet yet savory, this soufflé is a slam-dunk date-night dessert. Continue


Better Control, Better Coffee

This is the drink that wakes you up every morning. Don’t you want to get it just right? Continue


Rib Roast

Deep brown crust, juicy pink meat—prime rib is elegant, crowd-friendly, and easy to make. Continue

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