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Decoding Tough & Tender Cuts

Watch this video on meat cuts, then march over to the butcher and order some. Continue


Chicken Liver Paté

You’ll love this elegant and gorgeous rose-colored spread that’s remarkably easy to make at home. Continue

Pressure Cookers

Once lauded as beacons of culinary convenience, pressure cookers fell out of favor. Well, they’re back. Continue


Lemon Curd

    Lemon curd—everyone loves the stuff. Like edible sunshine, it brightens pastries and adds awesome zing to tarts and parfaits. Its intense flavor demands attention, charming whoever eats it into a moment of focused appreciation. While fruit curds are … Continue


Pâte Brisée

    Here’s a classic recipe for golden, buttery, flaky crust that’s perfect for pies and quiches. A jillion paper-thin layers melt in your mouth with every bite; brown and crispy on the edge, and tender in the middle—just like … Continue

Créme Brûlée

    What is a custard, anyway? It is a delicious dessert, yes, but technically speaking it’s a liquid that has been thickened or set via the coagulation of egg protein. The key to perfect custards is to keep the … Continue

Steak with Red Wine Sauce

A French bistro-style steak that’s simple to make and impossible to stop eating. Continue

Ultimate Roast copy

Ultimate Roast Chicken

Perfect the age-old craft of a mouth-watering, golden roast chicken. Continue

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