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Tori Avey is a food writer, recipe developer, and the creator of She explores the story behind the food – why we eat what we eat, how the foods of different cultures have evolved, and how yesterday’s food can inspire us in the kitchen today. Tori’s food writing and photography have appeared on the websites of CNN, Bon Appetit, Zabar’s, Williams-Sonoma, Yahoo Shine, LA Weekly and The Huffington Post. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
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Popcorn: A “Pop” History

Discover the history of popcorn. This movie favorite existed in the American Southwest before it rose in popularity across the country. Continue

Gary Cooper's Buttermilk Griddle Cakes recipe

Gary Cooper’s Buttermilk Griddle Cakes

One of the patriarch’s of the Golden Age of Hollywood, discover Gary Copper’s path to fame as well as his familial tie to a buttermilk griddle cakes recipe. Continue

Meatless Mondays

Discover the History of Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays is a global campaign aimed at lowering our overall meat consumption Believe it or not, it has a history stretching back to World War I. Continue

Leonardo da Vinci

What was Cooking in Leonardo da Vinci’s Kitchen?

Leonardo da Vinci was actually a budding nutritionist and was obsessed with kitchen gadgets. Discover what was in his kitchen notebooks. Continue

Ernest Hemingway Special

The Hemingway Special

Explore Hemingway’s love of daiquiris as The History Kitchen delves into his time in Cuba at the El Floridita bar. Learn how to make his choice drink too! Continue


What Lewis and Clark Ate

Discover what these historic explorers ate on their groundbreaking expedition west across America. Continue


The Great Gatsby, Prohibition, and Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous American novel, The Great Gatsby was a lyrical portrait of the Roaring Twenties marked by Prohibition. Continue


William Randolph Hearst’s Welsh Rarebit

What was Hearst’s favorite recipe? Try his own recipe for Welsh Rarebit, which is actually a simple dish of bread and cheese. Continue

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