Chuck Roast



We all know the stories. “The Ugly Duckling.” “The Frog Prince.” This is a tale as old as time. A song as old as rhyme, if you will. A homely hero undergoes a transformation that reveals the true beauty lurking just below the surface. And everyone lives happily ever after.

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Prime Rib Roast



A well-made, oven-cooked prime rib is a thing of beauty. But it’s also expensive, which is why we seldom eat it outside the festive season—and why its preparation inspires plenty of hand-wringing. So while we love a holiday tradition as much as the next guy dressed in a Santa suit, we recommend that this year, you cook that gorgeous hunk o’ meat sous vide. For one thing, your roast is guaranteed to come out just the way you like it—always important when we’re working with the pricey stuff. And then there are the results: silky, oh-so-juicy meat that boasts an incredible amount of beefy flavor.

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Braised Pork Belly



To paraphrase Magritte, “Ceci n’est pas un plat.” For those of you who slept through French (not to mention art history) class: This is not a dish. Nope. It’s a versatile technique, rather, that you can use whenever you want some uber-tender, oh-so-tasty pork belly—a bone-sticking braise that can anchor all sorts of delicious dinners.

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Leftover Turkey Pho



Picture this: You’ve just spent the last 24 hours cooking, eating, and sleeping. You’re exhausted and your stomach hurts. Your fridge is filled to the brim with pie and other delights, and dinner rolls and biscuits are everywhere. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and your tryptophan hangover is in full force. It was a holiday after all—you were allowed to indulge!

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Tip & Trick: Triple-Baked Pie Crust



Thirty minutes outside of Seattle, there’s a storefront diner called Twede’s Cafe. It’s perpetually packed, with a clanky kitchen and a long counter where teenagers in red T-shirts dispense milkshakes and massive platters of scrambled eggs and bacon. But if you find yourself atop one of the vinyl-cushioned stools that flank this counter, don’t order those. Order, instead, a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. Super-sweet, with a pale crust, this cherry pie won’t change your life, but it will fill you with a sense of satisfaction.

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A Better Way to Turkey



When it comes to holidays, tradition often trumps tastiness. Cranberry sauce simply must appear on the table in the shape of a can, for instance, and it ain’t Grandma’s stuffing unless there’s spongy bits of Wonder Bread soaking up all that Swanson’s broth and poultry seasoning. But sometimes, every so often, a delicious new something breaks through. This year, we challenge you to a delicious feast disruption that will change T-Day forever. We challenge you to carve that bird before you even cook it, then prepare it sous vide.

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Million-Dollar Country Pâté



If meatloaf had a richer, more decadent, more texturally pleasurable French cousin, it’d be country pâté. While Americans tend to think of pâté as a fancy food for fancy folks, this luscious loaf is in fact made up of inexpensive meat cuts and other basic ingredients like bread and egg. It’s a little like your mom’s favorite clean-out-the-fridge casserole or spaghetti surprise—only way more welcome at picnics. And unlike those sloppy standards, this loaf looks like a million bucks, stealing the show at any party, indoors or out.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake



When it comes to sweet stuff, we all crave the classics. A gooey brownie, crisp at the edges. Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. Freshly baked pies stuffed with fruit filling and crowned with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. And, life being the tricky business it is, all of us should get to enjoy these comforting stalwarts from time to time—dietary restrictions notwithstanding.

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