Leftover Turkey Pho



Picture this: You’ve just spent the last 24 hours cooking, eating, and sleeping. You’re exhausted and your stomach hurts. Your fridge is filled to the brim with pie and other delights, and dinner rolls and biscuits are everywhere. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and your tryptophan hangover is in full force. It was a holiday after all—you were allowed to indulge!

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Tip & Trick: Triple-Baked Pie Crust



Thirty minutes outside of Seattle, there’s a storefront diner called Twede’s Cafe. It’s perpetually packed, with a clanky kitchen and a long counter where teenagers in red T-shirts dispense milkshakes and massive platters of scrambled eggs and bacon. But if you find yourself atop one of the vinyl-cushioned stools that flank this counter, don’t order those. Order, instead, a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. Super-sweet, with a pale crust, this cherry pie won’t change your life, but it will fill you with a sense of satisfaction.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake



When it comes to sweet stuff, we all crave the classics. A gooey brownie, crisp at the edges. Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. Freshly baked pies stuffed with fruit filling and crowned with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. And, life being the tricky business it is, all of us should get to enjoy these comforting stalwarts from time to time—dietary restrictions notwithstanding.

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Soup Dumplings with Andrea Nguyen



Tender, porky filling. Rich, ginger-laced broth. Paper-thin dough pleated into pretty little purses. If there’s a better one-bite dish than Shanghai-style soup dumplings, we’d like to try that, please.

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Gluten Free Puff Pastry



Crisp croissants. Decadent pain au chocolat. Towering strawberries-and-cream napoleons. The tempting treats that populate the shelves at your favorite French bakery are all made with one very special food: puff pastry.

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Tips & Tricks: Pre-Toast Flour for Pro Pizza



At that trendy pizzeria where you order your favorite wood-fired pies, the beardy cooks likely dust their work areas with raw flour and then use it to keep dough from sticking to any surfaces. It doesn’t matter much that the dusting flour is raw, since it’s going to toast up real nice in that blazing-hot dome they call an oven.

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Pro Pizza at Home with Joe Heffernan



Making pizza at home is a lot like being in a play. Now, hear us out. When you commit to a theater role, you memorize your lines until they are imprinted on your brain, right? Then when rehearsals begin, you practice saying your lines until they are imprinted on your tongue. By the time opening night arrives, you hop on stage and just… play.

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Soy Milk with Andrea Nguyen



Sweet, fresh, and beloved by the lactose intolerant everywhere, homemade soy milk is approximately five hundred times better than the store-bought stuff. And making it should be so simple: it takes only soybeans, filtered water, and some basic equipment. So why don’t we all just whip it up at home? Nobody ever taught us how. Sad! Well, it’s time to turn those soy-stached frowns upside down, everybody. Because author and culinary instructor Andrea Nguyen is here to show us the way.

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