The Science of Microwaves

That bag of popcorn is just the beginning. First sold in 1947, the microwave oven wasn’t a common household item until the late 1960′s. Along with the fridge, conventional oven, blender, and coffeemaker, it is now considered an essential appliance in the American kitchen.

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Corned Beef



Who hasn’t obsessed over a Reuben sandwich, stacked high with rosy-hued meat? Or a sloppy corned beef hash, fragrant and hearty and intensely delicious when topped with a runny egg? And then there’s corned beef and cabbage—one of the most comforting combinations that ever came out of the kitchen. These dishes rank high among the most crave-able—not to mention satisfying—meals you can sink your teeth into. And while it’s easy to pop by the market and pick up some prepared meat, this recipe rivals any corned beef we’ve ever tried—and requires surprisingly little work on the part of the cook.

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Swap Cream with Onion Purée for Better, Brighter Flavor

Maybe you come seeking dairy-free recipes, or want to make vegan risotto. Maybe you live a crazy-healthy lifestyle, or just go crazy for onions. Or maybe, just maybe, you simply love the idea of serving soups, pastas, and sauces that taste fresher and brighter than tradition dictates.

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How to Mince a Shallot



It’s easy to think that chefs have superpowers, what with their flashy skillet-flipping, ultra-clean-and-organized workspaces, and zippy slicing and dicing skills.

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Homemade Honey Glazed Ham



Want to create a super-succulent ham that puts storebought stuff to shame? To make this show-stopping, flavor-loaded centerpiece dish, we brine a pork shank for three days, then cook it, glaze it, roast it, and serve. Golden-brown and gorgeous, this homemade ham will bowl over guests, who will henceforth revere you as the meat master you always knew you could be.

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Crab Benedict



Any cook who prepares Eggs Benedict from scratch will tell you that it’s no easy task. Because we like a challenge, we set out to create the perfect Benedict recipe—and because we’re from the Pacific Northwest, we added Dungeness crabmeat instead of ham. Yum.

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Green Eggs and Ham



We all know the story. What many of us don’t know is that “Green Eggs and Ham” was the product of a bet between Dr. Seuss and his publisher, wherein the publisher challenged Seuss to write a book with only 50 words. The simple text, hailed by critics and audiences alike, went on to become the fourth best-selling children’s book of all time.

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Ice Shell



Put a water balloon to creative use for a stunning modernist garnish.

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