Pecan Pie



Make this pie, and all your family and friends will bow down to your culinary prowess this Thanksgiving.

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Salmon with Green Pea Mash



Elegant, vibrantly colored, and unfussy, this recipe exemplifies perfectly everything we love about sous vide cooking. A quick trip to the market for some fresh fish and herbs, and you’re ready to create a dinner party–worthy plate that’s pretty much foolproof and made mostly from ordinary kitchen staples like frozen peas, olive oil, and butter.

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Wall of Fire: A ChefSteps Story



We have a tradition here at ChefSteps. Every spring, just as Seattle awakes from its winter hibernation, we devise an outlandish culinary exploit, and invite our friends to come and gawk at it. There are three requirements for these exploits: One, an enormous amount of heat. Two, an enormous amount of meat. And three, an enormous contraption for wielding the heat, so it cooks the meat. We design and build that contraption from scratch, and then we invite a bunch of our family and friends to a barbecue starring the flaming invention, and set up a smorgasbord of sides cooked using recipes from our development kitchen. Sounds fun, right?

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Carotene Butter



This carotene butter tastes more like a carrot than a carrot, and more like butter than butter. That’s because skimming off the carrot’s cellulose (the insoluble polysaccharides that make up the cell walls of plants), strips away any watery, fibrous flavor normally found in a raw carrot, leaving only the carrot’s purest essence: sweet, slightly nutty, and, of course, bright orange. Likewise, skimming whey off melted butter yields a pure butterfat flavor—creamy, smooth, and rich.

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Chicken Noodle Soup



Let’s just get it out there right away: Our eccentric take on chicken noodle soup transforms the noodles into actual chicken noodles, meaning, in other words, that the noodles are actually made of chicken.

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What is Espresso?



Espresso is simple enough: It’s finely-ground coffee that’s brewed under pressure, a-la-minute. You know, espresso—your morning ritual; your hands wrapped around a cup of warm deliciousness; a noisy coffee shop filled with chatter. Today more than ever, espresso and coffee culture play a big part in our lives.

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A canelé is a classic French pastry made from eggs, milk, and sugar. These little two-bite morsels encapsulate everything you want in a pastry: a crunchy caramelized crust gives way to a custardy interior, with a delicate balance of sweet and savory flavors.

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Nick’s Nasti Salad Soup



Anything can inspire a dish. A painting, a comfort-food craving, a slab of purple-red tuna belly sparkling behind the counter at the seafood shop. This lilypad-invoking creation was inspired by nasturtium, a peppery plant with edible red, orange, and yellow blossoms.

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