Fish and Chips



The perfect fish and chips have a delicate, crisp crust surrounding a perfectly cooked fish. It’s actually tricky to get this just right; usually, the crunchy batter is great but the fish is overcooked. Our version of fish and chips uses a batter engineered to crisp quickly, so that there is little risk of over cooking the fish.

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Starburst-Style Chews



For many American kids, Starburst is “the one.” The candy they always buy at the movies, hoard on Halloween, and dream about when facing down a heap of broccoli and a warning from mom to “eat every bite.”

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Kouign-amann (pronounced QUEEN-ah-mahn) are made of laminated dough—croissant dough—that’s about 50% butter and 50% yeasted dough. They’re generously dusted with sugar and salt right before baking, so they develop a thick, caramelized crust that’s at once savory and sweet, but, at least with our recipe, mostly savory. Traditionally, kouign-amann are formed in the shape of a large cake, but individual portions made in a cupcake pan mean equal parts crunchy caramelization and tender, buttery center with every bite.

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Home Clambake



We love a good old-fashioned seaside feast when the time is right. But we wondered: Is it possible to recreate that smoky, salty goodness from the comfort of a home kitchen? How can we translate all the charm and flavor of the seashore, without the sea?

In the noble name of research, we trooped out to the beach on a recent summer morning to experience the glory of clambaking firsthand. We soaked up the sights, smells, and sounds of the real thing, and then got straight to work the next morning designing an at-home version that would do it justice.

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Strawberry Shortcake



Perfect for a summer evening, this refined strawberry shortcake focuses on simple flavors and textures, marrying sweet macerated strawberries with bright lemon mascarpone, and silky-smooth strawberry-Angostura sorbet with crisp and tender dehydrated olive oil cake. Chilled components make for a delightfully refreshing, sophisticated version of the American classic.

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Egg-Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Classic French vanilla ice cream, with its characteristically yellow appearance, is the more decadent version of its American cousin. The addition of egg yolks in the base results in a rich, easily churned, slowly melting scoop. The problem? It’s unmistakably eggy in flavor.

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Orange Creamsicle


We’re often inspired by the frozen treats we grew up ordering from a truck—Drumstick cones, soft serve, and of course, orange creamsicles. Creamy, yet bursting with bright citrus flavor, this idiosyncratic pop is adored by flavor-conscious kids looking for something more complex and lively than your typical ice cream sandwich. (Got a creamsicle fan in the family? Watch out—you might have a future chef on your hands.)

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BBQ Beef Short Ribs


Short ribs are among the most flavorful cuts of beef, and can be remarkably tender, juicy, and flavorful when cooked properly. The secret is to cook them low and slow in a moist environment. For barbecue—and for some purists these will be fighting words—short ribs are a much better cut of beef than brisket.

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