Julienne Veggies in a Flash



A julienne is a food that has been julienned, or sliced into the shape of a skinny little matchstick. Juliennes aren’t just classy; they’re also a convenient way to get kids and other picky individuals to eat some zucchini or broccoli without facing the textural issues that tend to obsess vegetable eschewers. Give julienned vegetables a light saute to make a great side for a fish filet, or stir them up into a simple pickled salad to lend tang and color to your rice or noodle bowl. Chefs julienne vegetables so they cook evenly, and to make restaurant-worthy slaws and sides. But as anyone who’s tried it will tell you, julienning with a knife alone can wear out your patience something awful.

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Master Your Mandoline



What do pressure cookers and mandolines have in common? They’re both amazing kitchen tools that also scare people. And—real talk—when they’re used improperly, both can be dangerous. Armed with a little knowledge, however, you can harness both of these remarkable instruments to save serious time in the kitchen and create gorgeous dishes that rival those of the pros.

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The Fastest Way to Make Funky, Spicy, Flavor-Packed Kimchi



“Quick kimchi” might sound like a contradiction in terms. But a fast, funky Korean cabbage delight is totally doable—and utterly delicious—with this technique. Now, don’t get us wrong. We aren’t claiming to be the first cooks who got inventive when they wanted some spicy cabbage goodness on the fly. Baechu geotjeori, or fresh kimchi salad, is a warm-weather tradition in Korea. Of course, a fresh salad is not a fermented one, so you don’t get the crisp zinginess that comes with the aged stuff. We wanted that zing, baby. So we used the power of carbon dioxide and lactic acid to create fizzy kimchi in a flash using our handy whipped cream canister, or whipping siphon.

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Crystal-Clear Juice



Guys, guys, guys—what are you doing drinking that clumpy, pulpy juice? Okay, maybe you like it that way. That’s cool. But imagine you’re mixing juice into a fancy beverage to serve at a brunch or baby shower or island-themed barbecue bash. You’d want that beverage to be as as beautiful as possible, right? And have an amazing mouthfeel to boot? Well, with this simple trick, you can achieve both.

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Citrus Supremes



You know how canned mandarin oranges are kind of awesome? Well, these are way more awesome. To create sweet little gems from fresh citrus, you simply combine them with a little pectinase, an enzyme that breaks down the fruit’s pectin, resulting in a pith-free, bitterness-free treat that your party guests will go crazy for. Chefs call this technique “supreming,” and it’s a popular trick for augmenting desserts and salads at high-end dining establishments.

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American-Pistachio Aioli



This rich, roasty deliciousness couldn’t be easier to make, and it really perks up a fish sandwich. And let’s face it: when the weather warms—or when it’s deep winter and you need to pretend it’s warming—nothing hits the spot like a seafood sandwich. With a tender, fresh bun, creamy aioli, and a gently cooked filet, a great fish sandwich feels like a mini vacation in its own right. Wash it down with a cold lager or freshly mixed Arnold Palmer, and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a waterside restaurant deck.

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How to Make Squeaky Cheese Curds Just Like Beecher’s



There are a few things every Seattleite loves. The long summer days, for one. The glistening waterfront, framed by spectacular snowcapped mountains, for another. And Beecher’s Flagship, the sharp cheddar cheese made just up the brick road from us in Pike Place Market. Owned by entrepreneur and all-around nice guy Kurt Beecher Dammeier, Beecher’s also sells fresh, squeaky cheese curds, byproducts of its beloved Flagship. And frankly, we’re a little obsessed with those things. They sort of pop in your mouth when you bite them, then dissolve into creamy goodness. And Beecher’s has mastered the squeak—that distinct sensation on your teeth that distinguishes a first-rate curd.

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Steamed Buns



Steamed buns: cloud pockets of steamy goodness, just waiting for you to fill them with tender meats, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and ooey-gooey sauces. While the Chinese have been making mantou—steamed bread dough—forever, America’s obsession with the buns can be credited to David Chang. The Momofuku magnate is pretty modest about the whole thing, however; in the cookbook named for his restaurant, Chang puts it this way: “They’re just our take on a pretty common Asian food formula: steamed bread + tasty meat = good eating.”

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