Make Your Own Steak Knives!



Did you know you can take old butter knives and turn them into sharp-and-sexy steak knives? It’s true! Imagine, taking a quick trip to the local thrift store to pick up some cool-looking old knives, then transforming those dusty dullards into a beautiful set of blades that cut clean through all manner of meats.

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Edible Emoji Egg



Ever been to a restaurant where your asparagus or corned-beef hash came topped with a cartoonishly perfect fried egg? That sunshine-yellow yolk; that smooth, flawless white.

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Perfectly Toasted Buns



Toasting buns: a controversial topic. On one hand, toasting imparts that nice crispness—plus the sexy grill marks—that discerning guests will expect when you have them over for a backyard meat party. Trouble is, while the outside gets nice and toasty, the rest of the bun becomes dry, crumbly, and stodgy.

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Fizzy Fruit



Best party trick ever: Serve your guests a bunch of carbonated satsuma oranges, raspberries, or grapes. Then watch as they start snacking, thinking they’re eating plain-old fruit, only to realize it’s AMAZING FIZZY FRUIT.

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Indoor Smoked Brisket



Brisket is a pitmaster’s mainstay. But let’s face it, even at the best places it’s often the least interesting option on the menu—dry, bland, blah. Tired of the ho-hum stuff (and never one to shy away from a challenge), our kitchen crew set out to make a better brisket, with juicy, smoky meat and a sticky, satisfying bark. Just to up the ante, they decided to develop it without the aid of a smoker, instead testing recipes indoors and using liquid smoke and nitrites to evoke a smoky flavor and signature pink ring at the edge of the meat—both hallmarks of first-rate ‘cue.

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Corn Dogs



What happens when you take an eager young development chef and ask him to create an extraordinary version of a common carnival snack? You wind up with four—count ‘em four—different versions, including a buckwheat dog made with spicy lamb sausages, a rye dog anchored by bratwurst, and a breakfast dog in which pancake batter clings lovingly to a salty little morning-meal link.

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Frozen Flavor Nuggets



This simple trick has two benefits: First, you no longer have to guiltily trash leftover fresh herbs that you grew in your garden or bought at Whole Foods for a gazillion dollars. Second, you wind up with a little nugget of herby-fatty flavor that you can toss into the bag with your sous vide steak, melt over fresh pasta or soup, fold into eggs, and so on and so forth.

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Easy, Delicious Sous Vide Yogurt



Introducing: the ChefSteps approach to homemade yogurt. Topped with bright berries and crunchy granola or drizzled atop slow-cooked lamb chops, this creamy concoction will make your Pinterest followers go sage-green with envy. Little do they know, it’s also incredibly easy to make.

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