Burgers with Joule



Picture this: It’s the first barbecue of the summer, and you’ve got 30 guests gulping beers in the backyard. And then there’s you. An hour into the event, you’re still stuck behind the grill, sweating beneath your novelty apron, flipping burgers a few at a time, and worrying about who is getting fed and who isn’t. We love grilling as much as anyone, but it’s an undeniable fact that if you’re manning the Weber, you’re often missing the party.

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Pizza Dough with Joe Heffernan



If we had our way, we’d reach right through this screen and hand you a slice of Joe Heffernan’s pizza. One gooey bite, and you’d understand our obsession: bright, salty-sweet tomato sauce, farm-fresh mozzarella, peppery basil, and a killer crust. Oh, that crust—thin and pliant, with a gratifying pull throughout and blistery bubbles at the chewy edge. No wonder Seattleites line up outside of Independent Pizzeria, the wee, wedge-shaped restaurant Joe co-owns. And now he’s here to show us how to make amazing pizza dough at home.

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Tips & Tricks: Make a Medieval Meat-Roasting Pit



As any real estate agent will tell you, we humans love a good fireplace. It may no longer serve as our primary heating source—thanks, electricity!—but ever since that first hominid rubbed two sticks together to create a spark, we’ve been hardwired to gather around an open flame and just stare at it until we fall asleep. If you use a home fireplace to cheer your soul on winter evenings, we suggest you assign that handsome hearth a second job: make it a place to spit-roast whole animals for all your feasting needs.

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Throw an Epic Game of Thrones Feast



Game of Thrones is nearly as famous for its sumptuous food scenes as for its heartrending plot twists. So what better way to honor the upcoming season finale than to throw an epic medieval feast? And who better to create that meal than the spectacle-loving meat pros in our own kitchen?

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Egg White Hollandaise



In this hollandaise recipe, we cut the fat in half, but with the help of some modernist ingredients, we’re still able to create a durable and delicious foam. The secret: we replace the egg yolks with lambda carrageenan, a tasteless, naturally occurring thickening agent that helps stabilize the sauce and create a velvety texture. Citric acid and champagne vinegar round out the flavor, so you can dress up your breakfast without blowing your diet.

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Julienne Veggies in a Flash



A julienne is a food that has been julienned, or sliced into the shape of a skinny little matchstick. Juliennes aren’t just classy; they’re also a convenient way to get kids and other picky individuals to eat some zucchini or broccoli without facing the textural issues that tend to obsess vegetable eschewers. Give julienned vegetables a light saute to make a great side for a fish filet, or stir them up into a simple pickled salad to lend tang and color to your rice or noodle bowl. Chefs julienne vegetables so they cook evenly, and to make restaurant-worthy slaws and sides. But as anyone who’s tried it will tell you, julienning with a knife alone can wear out your patience something awful.

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Master Your Mandoline



What do pressure cookers and mandolines have in common? They’re both amazing kitchen tools that also scare people. And—real talk—when they’re used improperly, both can be dangerous. Armed with a little knowledge, however, you can harness both of these remarkable instruments to save serious time in the kitchen and create gorgeous dishes that rival those of the pros.

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The Fastest Way to Make Funky, Spicy, Flavor-Packed Kimchi



“Quick kimchi” might sound like a contradiction in terms. But a fast, funky Korean cabbage delight is totally doable—and utterly delicious—with this technique. Now, don’t get us wrong. We aren’t claiming to be the first cooks who got inventive when they wanted some spicy cabbage goodness on the fly. Baechu geotjeori, or fresh kimchi salad, is a warm-weather tradition in Korea. Of course, a fresh salad is not a fermented one, so you don’t get the crisp zinginess that comes with the aged stuff. We wanted that zing, baby. So we used the power of carbon dioxide and lactic acid to create fizzy kimchi in a flash using our handy whipped cream canister, or whipping siphon.

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