Dainty Little Pistachio Alfajores


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One of my favorite cookies from childhood are Alfajores. These are a play on that Peruvian classic that I love so much. The finely chopped pistachios in the shortbread cookies give it such nice texture. I used super fancy pistachios that I brought back from Italy. They were reaching their expiration date and I desperately needed to add them to something of value, something that was worthy of their deliciousness—I found it!

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Gooey Baked Feta with Olives and Cherry Tomatoes


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I love a baked dip of any kind. This one is a little different.

In the summer, I gravitate towards super easy appetizers. I want to spend my time outside, hanging out with friends, watching fireworks and warding off mosquitos!

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Refreshing Cucumber Cooler


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Los Angeles weather has been incredibly strange lately. It’s almost been reminiscent of say Seattle. Rainy and stormy clouds have been a constant in the Los Angeles sky, which isn’t always THAT common. Personally I’ve been loving it. I love a cloudy day and shooting on cloudy days is always my absolute favorite. But I have been craving beach days.

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Yummy Cherry Chocolate Chunk Muffins


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I dream about muffins. I think that might be strange because most people don’t think of them as that exciting but I do! Before I really knew anything about baking, I used to think cupcakes and muffins were very similar; boy, was I wrong. Muffins are a quick bread base, meaning the crumb is quite large and they come together very easily simply by adding the wet ingredients to the dry mixed ingredients. Then, it’s baked up.

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A “Feel Good” Sausage Chard Pasta


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I like to call pasta dishes like this: “feel good pasta.” Because they feel good after a long day of whatever drama, stress of shenanigans the world has thrown at you. Sitting down with your friends, family or even by yourself, makes it even better with this bowl in front you.

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Create the Ultimate Cheese Board


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It’s spring time! I figured it’s a good time for us to talk about building a cheese board. So not really a recipe per se but a state of mind? An opinion? Oh yeah, lots of cheese opinions.

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Spring Veggie Fettuccine Alfredo


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I’ve really been enjoying the thriving spring produce at the farmer’s markets. I’ve been going weekly to the market for the last month and am so pumped to be eating fresh peas, broccolini and asparagus. YAY! I figured I’d indulge a bit and make a bit of a fettuccine alfredo but with lots of spring veggies, you know, for balance!

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Make Ahead Mini Strawberry Pavlovas


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These pavlovas are one of my favorite make-ahead spring desserts. In the land of brunches and get togethers, being able to make things ahead is key. I love waking up the day of a get together and having my stuff together. I love doing a few things here and there and not stressing. The only real way to ensure this is a reality is making one of the components ahead. These meringues take a bit of time in the oven— 2 hours to be exact.  So it’s best to make them the day before.

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