Be Healthy with a Celery and Apple Salad


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Celery is all the craze right now. Not sure if you’ve heard but people are juicing celery every single morning! It’s wild. I’ll admit that I tried it for a while and felt no different haha. It didn’t “cure” me of anything but I didn’t really care because I love the way celery juice tastes. I think I fell in love with celery way back in the day during snack time in 1st grade. Ants on a log will always have a special place in my heart!

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Bake Lemon Raspberry Muffins For a Snack


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I love a good muffin but there’s more to it than throwing some in the oven. I like a muffin that is part oil, part butter. This assures there is good flavor and good moisture. I like a bit of lemon juice in my muffin to add some nice zing. These are simple muffins with lemon and raspberries, but feel free to substitute blueberries if you like. My favorite part about these muffins is the beautiful domed tops. This is all thanks to them beginning in the oven at 400 degrees F and then being brought down to 350 degrees F. The initial heat creates steam within the muffin, resulting in the perfectly shaped muffins.

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Simple Sautéed Mushroom Medley


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There are times when I have super weird food cravings. There are times when all I want and all I can think about are mushrooms. I sometimes just buy a package of cremini mushrooms, cook them in a bit of butter and eat them all on their own. I crave simplicity and mushrooms pack so much earthy delicious flavor that they do just that for me!

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Get Your Vitamins From This Wintery Pasta Salad


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The other day, as people were telling me about the polar vortex, I was day-dreaming about summer. I was thinking about watermelon and fireworks and s’mores. I also thought about my favorite bbq side dish: pasta salad. I realized something amazing: I don’t have to wait for summer to have pasta salad. We can do whatever we want! So, let’s have it right now!

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Make Quick Chilaquiles


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Chilaquiles are one of my favorite dishes to eat for breakfast. Yet, I hardly ever find myself making them. I think the reason for this is that I usually like to make the sauce from scratch. This requires a bit of time. You have to sear the dried chiles, onion and then rehydrate them for a bit. And then, put everything in the blender with some tomatoes. It’s a bit labor-intensive and not really something I’m up for on a Saturday morning. I’d rather spend time making cinnamon rolls or something like that haha.

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Sprinkle Candied Bacon Atop Salad or Even Popcorn


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One of the first recipes I ever attempted all by myself was a version of this recipe. At the time, I was so nervous about “messing it up” but the reality is that this is kinda fool-proof. My favorite way to make bacon is to bake it. There are so many pros to this method. First up, it doesn’t shrivel up; I love that it bakes up flat. And it cooks very evenly. Another bonus, when it renders all of its fat, the fat falls to the bottom of the baking pan. It’s not the neatest way but if I actually think about it, when cooking bacon there is no clean-free option.

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Brighten Your Day with Winter Citrus Salad


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I adore winter produce. And I especially love winter citrus. I know that spring and summer usually get all the glory but nothing makes me happier than seeing bright and beautiful winter produce at the market. They’re so resilient and strong in flavor and in texture.

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Make-Ahead Chicken Meatballs


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To say that these are my favorite meatballs of all-time is a grave understatement. I make this meal at least once a week and have been for a few years now. I like these chicken meatballs because they’re on the healthier side (I don’t use the classic milk and breadcrumb combo). I make these on nights when I’m tired of cooking but want something warm and comforting and on the lighter side. Typically I’ll use ground dark meat chicken because it has wonderful flavor which I actually prefer to ground turkey.

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