Make at Home Breakfast Tostadas


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I know this sounds a little strange, but I’d take a tostada over a taco any day of the week. I love tacos, but I REALLY love tostadas. I think I like the crunch part the best. It’s almost like nachos but in more of a personalized form.

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Sweeten Your Patriotic Meal with Strawberry Barbecue Sauce

Strawberry Barbecue Sauce

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At 241 years old, the US is still a relatively young country, but that doesn’t mean we have any shortage of national traditions. Eating red, white and blue foods to commemorate Independence Day is a fun food tradition that I always take on as a culinary challenge. Last year, I showed you how to make a red, white and blueberry potato salad.

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Caesar Salad in Tacos?! Simply Delicious.


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You might be giving me a bit of side-eye because I put a salad in tacos and this is definitely one of those NOT traditional recipes. But I think it works…hear me out. Caesar salad actually was invented in Mexico. There are a lot of disputes about this but it definitely makes sense that it’s Mexican. I visited Cabo San Lucas last year and really wanted to head to the place that invented the caesar salad but wasn’t able to—it was a huge bummer.

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10 Minute Kimchi Bean Sprouts

Kimchi Bean Sprouts

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This super-low-effort kimchi bean sprout stir-fry comes together in about 10 minutes from just a handful of ingredients that require very little prep. With savory tender pork, spicy pungent kimchi and crunchy bean sprouts, it’s an umami packed festival of colors, flavors and textures that tastes like it took a lot more effort to make.

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Triple Veggie Threat: Calbacita Tacos


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In a month full of tacos, this is the second recipe I’m bringing you and I’m super excited about them.

Last weekend I was in Sun Valley—a part of Los Angeles I never venture into—to gather some home supplies. While I was shopping and browsing aisles of countertop options, I realized I hadn’t eaten ALL day and needed food ASAP. I looked at good ol’ Yelp and found a place with really good reviews that was located in a Chevron gas station.

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Eggplant with Red Pepper Relish is the New Summer Favorite!

Eggplant Salad with Red Pepper Relish

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Eggplant is one of those controversial vegetables that people either love or hate. I think a large part of why it gets such a bad rap is that it’s a fairly difficult vegetable to work with. Without the right technique it can end up tough, spongy and dry, or watery and flavorless, or just plain greasy. I’ve shared a few of my favorite eggplant dishes here before, like Baba Ghanoush and Eggplant Dengaku, but today I wanted to share a technique for making a salad inspired by Eggplant Caponata.

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Taco Bout Delicious: Chorizo-Spiced Cauliflower Tacos

chorizo-spiced cauliflower tacos

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One of my favorite soup recipes is this one I made a few years ago that I titled Chorizo-Spiced Squash Soup. It is vegetarian, with not a lick of actual chorizo, and instead plays off the borrowed spices used in chorizo. I was obsessed with turning everything chorizo-spiced but for some reason it never hit me to put it on cauliflower and then in tacos…until a few days ago when I was brainstorming ideas for taco month!

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Easy One Pot Tomato Zucchini Penne for Dinner

One Pot Tomato Zucchini Penne

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With tender chunks of zucchini in a spicy Arrabbiata sauce, this easy delicious pasta is the perfect one-pot meal for a busy weeknight dinner. Instead of boiling the pasta and making the sauce separately, they’re cooked together saving time, energy, and water.

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