Serve Grilled Asparagus with Raclette

Grilled Asparagus with Raclette recipe

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Asparagus! Again! I know, I know. I can’t help it. I bought a lot at the store and I needed to make good use of it.

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When Kimchi Met Comté: Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Kimchi Grilled Cheese recipe

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I know, cheese and kimchi sound a world apart, but if an app existed to match up ingredients, kimchi would surely swipe right on comté. Despite their geographic separation, both are products of lacto-fermentation and share an intense umami with a mature flavor profile thanks to their age. But just because they share a lot in common doesn’t mean they’re a boring old pairing either. With plenty of complimentary characteristics that interplay as if pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the two together have a synergistic relationship.

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Toss Pasta in Asparagus Pesto

Asparagus Pesto recipe

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Pesto is my favorite thing in the entire world. I can eat varying iterations depending on the season and I do. In fall, I make kale pesto; in winter, I love beet-green pesto; and during spring it’s all about asparagus pesto. It may seem a bit strange to pulse up a beautiful vegetable like asparagus and coat it with pasta but I promise you it’s delicious. I like to include a bit of spinach to balance out the asparagus—it adds a nice freshness to it. In this pesto, you’ll see many of the usual suspects: Parmesan, olive oil, garlic and salt and lemon. For this recipe in particular, I favor pistachios (green on green!) but feel free to swap it in with pine nuts or almonds.

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Fry Up a Flavorful Masala Omelette

Masala Omelet recipe

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If you’re bored with plain old scrambled eggs for breakfast, this masala omelette is for you. Somewhere between a frittata and an omelet, this comes together in about 5 minutes, with all the flavors of a savory Indian curry.

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Make Cherry Spinach Salad for a Bright Meal

Cherry Spinach Salad recipe

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At this time last year, I was knee-deep in recipe testing for my upcoming book, which meant there was no way a summer vacation was going to happen. I wasn’t all that grumpy about it; in fact, I was actually just super excited to cook every day and work through ideas that I had been holding onto for such a long time. But this year is different! My workload is considerably lighter which means I’m currently thinking about what to do, where to go and what to eat.

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Prepare a Comforting Bowl of Refried Beans

Refried Beans recipe

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Growing up in California, a refried bean burrito and hot sauce was a staple lunch that got me through high school and college. After moving to Japan where Mexican restaurants are rare, and a can of beans at a specialty foods shop costs $6, I got to a point where I would have traded in all the sushi and wagyu in the world for a comforting bowl of frijoles refritos with some crumbled queso Cotija and a giant bottle of Valentina salsa picante.

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Make Savoy Cabbage Shrimp Salad

Savory Cabbage Shrimp Salad recipe

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Memorial Day is upon us, which is a terrifying reminder of how time is flying. It felt like yesterday when we were beginning the year and now look at us! This salad is something you might want to make to take to a barbecue. I feel like Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff of all things summer and this salad is a nice combination of refreshing and light.

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Prepare Tropical Beef Salad for a Flavor-Packed Appetizer

Tropical Beef Salad recipe

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The other day I was shopping at the local market when I saw some hangar steak in the meat case. It’s a cut of beef that literally hangs off the diaphragm of a cow, which is probably where it got its name. With a ragged bloody appearance, it looks about as appetizing as it sounds, but hangar steak is hands-down the most flavorful cut of beef.

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