Experiment with Seafood: Skate with Browned Butter

Skate with Browned Butter recipe

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Skate is one of those oddities most people see in the seafood case and marvel at the wing-like fillets, but would never consider buying; I used to be one of those people. That all changed one night a number of years ago, after a waiter recommended the skate on their menu. Despite looking like something out of a sci-fi horror film, it was delicious.

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What’s the Perfect Movie Companion? Salted Caramel Popcorn!

Salted Caramel Popcorn recipe

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The Oscars are on Sunday. Are you having a party? A get-together? I’m throwing my boyfriend a birthday BBQ during the day, which is actually taking me a good amount of work, so I’m planning on changing into some pajamas and hanging out at home for the big show. I love eating popcorn with anything remotely movie-related. I think we all do.

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Fusilli Con Le Cime Di Rapa

Fusilli Con Cime di Rapa recipe

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Spring is still about a month away, but green things are starting to pop up in the produce aisle and this week my grocery store has a big display of rapini (a.k.a. broccoli rabe). While I love this green simply steamed, or sauteed with a bit of garlic, it also makes for a stunning pasta.

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Broccoli and Cheese Tartine: Simple, Comforting, and Filling

Broccoli and Cheese Tartine recipe

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I’m not a big shopper. I might be one of the only women on the planet who despises shopping! It’s mainly because in Los Angeles shopping feels like a gigantic hassle. There are large parking garages, a ticket one must get validated and way too many people everywhere. There’s an outside mall that tends to be a one-stop shop for me and luckily this outside mall also houses one of my favorite bakeries in Los Angeles called Short Cake.

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Make Baked Eggs in Creamed Spinach

Baked Eggs in Creamed Spinach recipe

Like spaghetti and meatballs, this tasty brunch entree is the serendipitous coupling of two dishes: baked eggs and creamed spinach. The eggs gently poach in a well of hot creamy spinach until the whites are just set and the yolks thicken into a golden sauce.

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Soothe Winter Blues with Kale, Barley, and Lentil Soup

Kale, Barley, and Lentil Soup recipe

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I’m a soup-making fiend right now. Perhaps it’s because at the start of January I was smart, took those few quiet days at the beginning of the year to stock my pantry with lots and lots of beans. While most dried bean-preparation requires forethought (like soaking them the night before), lentils do not. Having these beautiful red lentils in my cabinet have yielded delicious soup after delicious soup. All are able to be whipped up at a moment’s notice.

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The Myth of Sushi-Grade

Myth of Sushi Grade

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I know some of you are planning a homemade sushi dinner. Whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, making sushi at home can be simple, fun, and rewarding. I’ve written before on how to make sushi rolls and Adrianna recently did a post on temaki, but the question I get asked the most is some version of “how do I know if the fish at my store is safe to eat raw?”.

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Comfort Your Hunger with Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff recipe

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Beef Stroganoff was one of the very few American dishes my mother knew how to cook growing up (the other was broccoli cheese casserole, which is still one of my all-time favorites) and every time she announced that beef stroganoff was on the menu for dinner, my heart skipped a beat. It’s one of those dishes that’s so nostalgic for me; it takes me back to our country-style dining room table, sitting together as a family, discussing how our day was.

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