Make Mom Grapefruit Popsicles with Edible Flowers

Grapefruit Popsicles recipe

Two of my favorite things about this time of year is edible flowers and Mother’s Day. My two favorites collide with these grapefruit popsicles with edible flowers. Of course, you can add them to all sorts of things like ice cubes or ice tea or even to a salad. They’re the perfect garnish and always look so beautiful. One caveat with using edible flowers is that you have to ensure they haven’t been sprayed. Either grab them from your garden or neighborhood or buy them at grocery stores or farmers markets.

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For a Balanced Meal, Try Mediterranean Udon Salad

Mediterranean Udon Salad recipe

While it may seem like an odd pairing of Japanese and Mediterranean ingredients, using udon noodles is what makes this salad so good. While pasta tends to get dry and starchy when chilled, udon is actually meant to be eaten cold. That means it maintains a slick glossy surface with a marvelously firm springy texture, making it perfect for cold salads.

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Pair Cold Horchata with a Helping of Tacos

Horchata recipe

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I’m pretty sure there is nothing better than downing a glass of cold, sweet horchata on a warm day. There also isn’t anything better to drink alongside a plate full of too many tacos. These two were made for each other.


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Blend Up a Banana Date Tahini Smoothie

Banana Date Tahini Smoothie recipe

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I really hate wasting food, but there are times when I just can’t get through an entire bunch of bananas before they go bad. Making banana bread is one way of using up old bananas, but spending an hour baking isn’t always an option. Recently, I was headed out of town for a week and found myself with full bunch of bananas that just weren’t going to make it until I got back.

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Fava Bean Mash Ricotta Toasts

Fava Bean Mash Ricotto Toasts recipe

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I love any excuse to eat bread, especially since I’m currently on a diet-thingy which prohibits anything fun a.k.a. grains.  Sometimes, especially when given the right excuse, rules are meant to be broken and a few days ago when the fava beans at the market were looking super cute, I decided it was time to live on the edge.

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Learn the Benefits of Blanching Spinach

Lemon Garlic Spinach

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While some people enjoy eating spinach raw, it’s a green that I always cook because it contains a relatively high concentration of oxalic acid. While you’d have to eat an inordinately large amount of raw spinach to kill you, in smaller doses it causes kidney stones due to the accumulation of calcium oxalate in your kidneys. While heat will not destroy oxalic acid, blanching spinach in a lot of water first will reduce the concentration.

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Take Comfort with Cherry Chocolate Cookies


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I have been making riffs and renditions of this cookie for as long as I can remember. I think it started a few Christmases ago when I was searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I know that’s subjective, seeing as we all have a different criteria as to what makes the perfect cookie, but for me it’s two things: a soft interior and a crispy edge. I like the contrast. Oh and I like a thickish, buttery cookie.  

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Discover Sablefish Tandoori with Mango Relish


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While a certain miso marinated dish catapulted this fish to fame in the US, sablefish (a.k.a. “black cod”) is a versatile white-meat fish that works beautifully with high-heat cooking methods. Thanks to its high fat content, the fish is almost impossible to dry out, which makes it perfect for tandoori.

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