Tasty Greek Chicken Milanese


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I just got back from Colombia where I ate my weight in carbs. There was so much bread and delicious fried empanadas. I ate it all up. No guilt. That’s usually my motto when I travel. I try and immerse myself in the experience. I hardly ever watch what I eat, though it luckily is always offset with lots of walking. I love walking and walking through a city or town is the best way to experience it.

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The Best Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes


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These are simple as can be but I love a good blueberry pancake. I live in Los Angeles and am ridiculously lucky that there are blueberries at the market every Sunday. They’re so pretty and flavorful. Of course, you can use frozen blueberries too. I’m just coming back from a trip to South America where everything was fresh and tasty.

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Crispy Belgian Waffles for Two


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Valentine’s Day is Wednesday and this recipe is so you can make your favorite people/person the crispiest Belgian waffles ever. These are such a winner of a recipe. I love them! This recipe gets its crispiness from the beaten egg white with sugar. It almost creates a meringue that gets folded into the waffle batter, resulting in the a deliciously amazing waffle.

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Game Day Baked Onion Rings


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Can I tell you that crispy fried onion rings are one of my all-time favorite must-eat-during-Game-Time foods. Whenever I go to a sports bar (which is probably once every few years), the item that I always order are big pile of onion rings.

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Finger Lickin’ Good Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wings


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I will admit that this type of dish has been around for a LONG time, but I just somehow decided to make it a few weeks ago and I quickly became obsessed, making it over and over and over.

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Warm Up with Vegetarian French Onion Mushroom Soup


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I’m clearly on a vegetarian kick! One of my favorite things is making dishes that are traditionally meat-centric and turning them into vegetarian-friendly foods. While there is no meat in traditional French onion soup, it does lean on rich beef broth to give it a really delicious savory flavor.

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Put Together a Vegetarian Italian Chopped Salad


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One of my favorite salads of all time is the Italian chopped salad. Whenever I go to any sort of Italian-ish restaurant or pizzeria, it’s my go-to order. And since I’ve had a lot of variations of the Italian chopped salad, I also have lots of opinions about it. When it comes to Italian chopped salads, everything needs to be, well, chopped properly. Everything should be similar in terms of size. And the dressing! Lots of olive oil and oregano and red wine vinegar are key.

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The Easiest Cranberry Brie Grilled Cheese


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Last year, at the beginning of 2017, I declared that I was going to make less “beautiful food” and more relatable, easy-to-make food. I wanted my recipes to be remade by people over and over and over. The best thing I did was start to consider people’s time and accessibility to ingredients, which is hard when you live in a place like Los Angeles. My access to beautiful, affordable produce knows no bounds. I feel lucky!

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