Smoky and Sweet: Black Vinegar Pork

Black Vinegar Pork recipe

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When it comes to food, I generally don’t think in absolutes. Shunning all carbs or all sugar just doesn’t make any sense to me, unless you have a health condition that requires it. Our body’s needs are too nuanced to be dictated to by strict diets and that doesn’t even account for the gustatory needs of our souls.

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Forget French Fries: Easy Parmesan Potatoes Will Satisfy

Italian Parmesan Potatoes recipe

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My future mother-in-law made these simple roasted Italian Parmesan potatoes over Christmas and everyone just loved them. They are easy, delicious and made with ingredients you most likely already have on hand. They also go perfect as a side dish with just about anything! We had them the other night alongside some steaks on the grill and sautéed chard. Much healthier than traditional French fries and more satisfying as well!

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Burdock Salad Provides Earthy Flavors and Vitamins

Burdock Salad

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Most people know burdock’s most significant contribution to society as the inspiration behind Velcro. After noticing that the burrs from the plant sticking to his dog, a Swiss inventor removed one and studied it under a microscope uncovering the hook and loop structure that would eventually become Velcro.

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Desserts Made Simple: Cookies and Cream Truffles

Cookies and Cream Truffles

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Valentine’s Day is a week from today! Why don’t you celebrate by making these incredibly easy and delicious cookies n’ cream truffles?

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Sesame Beef Bowls Make Lunch on the Go

Sesame Beef Bowl recipe

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While having a discussion the other day about the merits of noodle soups and rice bowls, it occurred to me that I really have a thing for one bowl meals. They’re easy to prepare, come in a huge variety, and I love how all the textures and flavors of the different components intermingle.

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Refresh Party Guests with Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

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Here in California, the first strawberries are starting to make their bright and sunny appearance at farmers markets and roadside stands. Their rosy appearance is a telltale sign that spring is on its way!

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Tender and Juicy: Pomegranate Roast Pork

Pomegranate Roast Pork

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Contrary to popular opinion, pork tenderloin actually has about the same amount of fat as chicken breasts, and less cholesterol, making it an excellent alternative to serving chicken at your next dinner party.

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Toss Avocado into Your Turkey Burrito

Avocado Burrito

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Lately I’ve been making these easy and delicious burritos about once a week. I seriously can’t get enough! I’ve found that leftovers make one heck of a breakfast with some strong coffee and extra avocado on the side. Who here is an avocado fanatic? (hand raises high)

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