Easy and Delicious Elote Pasta


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I used to live in Echo Park, which is maybe my favorite neighborhood in all of Los Angeles. I used to walk to the lake and walk around with my dog. And while I usually wouldn’t carry my purse or anything like that, I would always make sure to carry a few dollars so I could get elote from one of the vendors selling street corn. It is SO good. It’s simple, too. A bit of crema, cayenne, lime juice on charred, freshly grilled corn.

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Chilling with a Watermelon Bourbon Cocktail


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Watermelon is my favorite thing about summer. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s really true. I could eat it every single day of my life and never tire of how refreshing and tasty it is. While I love watermelon, I’m a bit picky about the texture. It needs to be crisp and perfect. The sweetness needs to be there too. Sometimes I’ll buy two watermelons and one will be a bit on the mealier side. When this happens, some would maybe just throw it out, but I would never do that!

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Homemade Hummus That’s So Easy To Snack On


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I eat hummus ALL THE TIME. I’ve been making mine from scratch for a few years now and I realize I’ve never shared a recipe!

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Cool Down With Cashew Chocolate Fudgesicles


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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been making popsicles over and over. It’s been warm this entire month (hi Summer) and it’s made me super happy to have these in the fridge waiting for me whenever I want something cold and delicious.

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Comforting Banana Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce


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Pancakes are one of the only “baking-type” recipes that I know by heart. I can mix together the ingredients by eyeballing them. It’s one of the only recipes that I can make by “feel.” A lot of cooking recipes are kinda easy to do that with but when you’re talking about ratios of baking powder and flours, it’s a bit tougher. But please don’t ask me to bake a cake by heart or biscuits, no can do!

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Tangy Chipotle Chicken Mango Salad


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When people ask me where they should start in building a spice cabinet, I always tell them to include ground chipotle. It’s one of the things that I put on everything. It adds a rich flavor that is makes nearly everything better. It makes simple things exciting… like a chicken salad.

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Summery Blistered Tomato and Artichoke Pasta


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It’s almost officially summer, which means tomatoes are in full effect. During the warmer months, I want meals to be super simple. And this super quick dish falls into that category. While I would definitely categorize this meal as quick and easy, there are a few extra steps that are 100% worth it.

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Simple and Healthy Garbanzo Shakshouka


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Having chickpeas in the pantry always saves me from dire hunger. If I have a can of chickpeas I can make literally anything. It makes me feel empowered and gives me security that even in my hungriest of moments, I can make something and not order takeout.

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