Eat Right with Grilled Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza

grilled-goat cheese-pizza-1

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Oh my.

I tasted my first grilled pizza and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

Nope, I am completely and totally a grilled pizza brat now—and for good reason! Think chewy, slightly charred crust topped with fresh summer flavors, just perfect for outdoor entertaining this season.

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Go Back to Basics with Homemade Savory Ketchup


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Used in everything from barbecue sauce to baked beans and a tableside condiment, ketchup is undeniably an integral part of a summer barbecue. Yet, despite its pivotal role, it’s a commodity that’s bought in bulk at big-box retail outlets and slathered onto food without a second thought.

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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Mini Cherry Crumbles


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I am so excited to share with everyone one of my very favorite easy summer desserts—mini cherry crumbles! My goodness, are these ever delicious. Even though I love dark chocolate, I think fruit crumbles like this are my favorite sweet tooth fix; I could eat the streusel right out of the bowl! That may or may not have happened when I baked these guys the other day.

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Experiment with Korean-Style Grilled Beef

Korean-Style Grilled Beef

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Last week we talked about all the ways to make your grilled meat irresistibly tender. This week, let’s put that knowledge to use by making some Korean-style grilled beef.

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Bake Some Coconut Banana Bread Muffins


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For my job, I try to maintain some sort of balance between developing both savory and sweet recipes. I realize people don’t want to read about cookie and cake recipes every single day, and while I understand that, baking is definitely where my heart is. Sure, I cook—I cook practically every day, but if I had to choose, I would always choose to bake. For me, there’s just nothing like mixing together dough or cake batter to center myself and de-stress after a long day. Are you the same way? Great!

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Learn Three Techniques for Tenderizing Meat

Carne Asada Tacos

Shown above: Enzymatically tenderized Carne Asada from Marc’s blog, NoRecipes. Read on to learn about enzymatic tenderization.

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Whether it’s a tender juicy steak or a fall-off-the-bone tender rib, tenderness is often equated with the quality of the meat. But the texture of meat has a lot less to do with quality, and a lot more to do with how the meat is treated both before and after hitting the grill. To better understand this, let’s look at the three main methods of tenderizing meat: mechanical, thermal, and enzymatic.

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Refresh Yourself with Watermelon Feta Salad

Watermelon Feta Salad

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When I saw fellow food blogger Alice Currah’s blog post last year announcing that she was writing a cookbook, I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I have read Alice’s blog for years and just love her mouth-watering photos and delicious recipes. On top of all that, she’s an amazing writer! Although we’ve never actually met in person, I feel like we’re friends in real life.

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Stay Healthy with No-Mayo Coleslaw


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I’m not a big fan of traditional coleslaw. Call me crazy, but I really don’t get the appeal of raw cabbage swimming in mayonnaise soup. That’s why I make my coleslaw without mayonnaise.

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