Make Fattousch Salad with Za’atar Pita Chips

Fattousch Salad recipe

Not going to lie, I’m trying to eat a little healthier these days. I’m not sure how long it will last but for now I’m making a bit of an effort to find delicious ways to go about my healthy-eating. First up is this salad. I believe one of you asked about za’atar, after my post for dukkah, so here it is!

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Prepare a Soothing Bowl of Spare Rib Noodle Soup

Spare Rib Noodle Soup recipe

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I often joke that if I were stranded on a desert island and could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be noodle soup. It’s the perfect one-bowl meal with protein, vegetables and noodles in a savory broth that soothes the soul. More importantly, with variations that run the gamut from light chicken pho to unctuous tonkotsu ramen, it’s a food with enough diversity that the hypothetical island-dweller version of me in this improbable scenario would never get bored.

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How to Make Halva Chocolate Spread

Halva Chocolate Spread recipe

I recently had pistachio­-studded halva at a restaurant and loved it. I had it at a Turkish restaurant but a lot of countries across the Middle East, Asia and North Africa eat it. And there are countless versions of it depending on the country. The version I had was nutty and sweet and had such a unique flavor. While the version I had was solid, almost like a piece of soft, crumbly chocolate, I had visions of the flavor smothered on a piece of toast. I came home and tried it spread form: a little tahini, honey and salt. SO GOOD! I ended up taking it a step further by stirring in some good­ quality cocoa powder.

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Make Chili Meatloaf for a Cozy Meal

Chili Meatloaf recipe

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While I love a fancy restaurant meal every now and then, you’re more likely to find me in a neighborhood gastropub with a plate of juicy meatloaf or a bowl of hearty chili in front of me than at a budget-busting steakhouse. That’s because food is as much about comfort to me as it is about flavor and presentation, and when’s the last time you felt comfortable at a white linen restaurant?

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Make Dukkah for a Simple Spice Mixture

Dukkah Spice Mixture recipe

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Meet my new favorite spice mixture. A week ago or so I made some Goat Cheese Dukkah Crackers. They were made up of a hazelnut goat cheese cracker with a mixture of spices and seeds sprinkled on top and I was instantly obsessed. After I polished off all of the crackers, my obsession grew with the bit of leftover dukkah I had. I put it on everything from scrambled eggs to a few slices of avocado. It immediately gave everything it came in contact with a delicious nutty and herbaceous quality. I absolutely loved it, so I decided to make it for you all here, with a few changes.

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Bake a Batch of Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

Vegan Oatmeal Cookies recipe

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Despite having a healthy image, most oatmeal cookies and granola bars are loaded with sugar and fat. While a granola bar may be great for an athlete that needs the extra calories, most of us don’t fall into that bucket. That’s why I came up with these vegan, gluten-free cookies with no added sugar or fat.

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Make Coconut Chocolate Pudding for Dessert

Coconut Chocolate Pudding recipe

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I feel like my love for pudding all started when I was a kid, on my couch after school, watching Billy Madison over and over. His affection for Snack Pack was contagious and soon after, my go-to request for school lunches was always pudding. Most weeks my mom would resist, but every now and then, my brother and I would wear her down and she’d end up giving in to us. Those were the best school lunches ever!

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Prepare Kanpachi Sashimi with Spicy Ponzu

Kanpachi Sashimi with Spicy Ponzu recipe

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If you’ve ever been confused by all the Japanese names associated with “yellowtail” at sushi restaurants, you’re not alone. While researching this post I learned that my long-held belief that Kanpachi and Hamachi are two developmental stages of yellowtail was spectacularly wrong. As it turns out, Kanpachi, Hamachi and Yellowtail are three totally different fish! While tempting, I can’t blame American sushi restaurants for my miseducation. Even in Japan, many people seem to think that Kanpachi and Hamachi are just two names for the same fish. So why all the confusion?

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