Tangy and Savory Shrimp Adobo

Shrimp Adobo

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Filipino Adobo is a rich, comforting braise that doesn’t taste heavy or cloying thanks to the moderating influence of tangy vinegar. The balance of savory and sour with the creeping heat from the black pepper and pungent garlic makes for a dish that tastes surprisingly complex considering how few ingredients go into making it.

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Sip Spiced Hot Chocolate By the Fire


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I love hot chocolate any time of year, if I’m being completely honest. I drink it ALL the time. I usually use almond milk because it’s a bit better for my body, so feel free to use rice milk, almond milk or light coconut milk. Whatever floats your boat! I love this version because it has a few spices: cinnamon, star anise and cayenne. It deepens the flavor of the chocolate and the sweetened condensed milk adds a nice thickness. Of course, if you’re trying to keep it dairy-free, you could simply add a few tablespoons of brown sugar.

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Delicious Grilled Mac and Cheese

Grilled Macaroni and Cheese

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Although I didn’t grow up eating macaroni and cheese, it’s a comfort food I discovered and fell for in college. I’ve since graduated from the blue boxes of neon orange elbows, but it’s something I still crave from time to time, and although I eat my fair share every time I make it, there are inevitably leftovers.

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Bring Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies to a Cookie Exchange


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It is cookie season and I am here for it all! I wanted to share a favorite cookie recipe of mine. This is like a classic chocolate chip cookie but with some of my favorite additions: pecans and sweetened coconut flakes.

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Kid Friendly Chocolate Cornflake Bars

No-Bake Chocolate Cornflake Bars

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With Turkey day behind us, the holiday season is in full swing. For some, this is the season to fire up the oven and crank out tray upon tray of delectable sweet treats, but for others, the joy of spreading holiday cheer can be tempered by the nervous anxiety of planning and executing a holiday baking campaign.

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Leftovers Made Easy: Mashed Potato Pancakes


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I think all of of us feel very similarly that leftovers are clearly the best part of Thanksgiving. I know they’re my favorite. You know how to make a Thanksgiving-leftover sandwich—that’s easy! There’s no reason I would show you how to stack stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy onto a few slices of bread. But this is a bit different.

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Tasty and Easy Poached Salmon with Chervil Hollandaise

Poached Salmon with Chervil Hollandaise

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This may just be my new favorite way of preparing salmon. It involves relatively little work, and the resulting salmon is tender and juicy. As a bonus, you even get asparagus with your salmon! The only slightly tricky part is the Hollandaise sauce, but once you’ve got the method down it’s not much harder than making a smoothie.

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Perfect Side Dish: Cheesy Herbed Mashed Potatoes


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Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?! I wish this year would slow down. I wish we had at least three more weeks until Thanksgiving. This part of the year always flies by and I always, always wish it would slow down so it could be savored.

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