Make a Stack of Apple Ginger Pancakes

Apple Ginger Pancakes recipe

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I’m what you call a “pancake enthusiast.” I have consumed and made a ton of variations on this breakfast-favorite. So, I guess you could say I’m a bit picky. For one, I don’t like them too fluffy. I know that may be an abomination to some, but I like them to be on the thinner side yet moist, tender and soft inside. My favorite stack always uses buttermilk; I love the tang it gives! And when fall is in the air, I like to fold in some of my favorite fruits and spices.

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Make Farro Con Pollo for Dinner

Farro Con Pollo recipe

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Farro, is an Italian word used to describe a variety of ancient grains including Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt. Before the invention of milling techniques that allowed wheat to be transformed into flour, whole wheat was eaten like we eat rice today. Whether it’s a mushroom pilaf or warm salad, Farro works in almost any dish that can be made with rice. It has a marvelously firm texture that doesn’t go mushy, and a mild nutty flavor that makes it a perfect base to build other flavors upon.

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Bake Apple Rosemary Upside Down Cake

Apple Rosemary Upside Down Cake recipe

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Have you been apple picking before? When I first moved to Los Angeles, it was fall. I piled all my friends in a car and we drove east for an hour to a small town near Palm Springs. There were groves and groves of apple trees where you could get a basket and pick whatever your heart desired.

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Make Sweet and Savory Kabocha Pumpkin

Sweet and Savory Kabocha Pumpkin Recipe

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Kabocha, which literally means “pumpkin” in Japanese is a variety of pumpkin with sweet flesh and a starchy texture that’s closer to sweet potatoes than the pumpkins we carve for Halloween. The creamy orange flesh is contrasted by a forest green skin, both of which get incredibly tender as they cook.

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Keep It Simple with Cucumber Lentil Salad

Cucumber Lentil Salad recipe

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I’m on a bit of a health kick. Don’t worry because soon we’ll all be knee-deep in Halloween candy, mashed potatoes and gravy…and then December will happen and we’ll be eating cookies. It’ll all happen in no time. I guess this is me enjoying the calm before the storm.

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Maximize Flavor in Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna recipe

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Vegetable lasagnas promise a colorful, flavorful comfort food in a healthier package, but they almost never deliver. While you could argue that the healthfulness of a veggie lasagna makes up for it’s flavor shortcomings, that still doesn’t change the fact that they are often watery and bland. Since they have no cheese or bechamel sauce to balance them out, they also tend to be one dimensionally acidic. At best they taste a bit like a baked ratatouille, but they’re a far cry from the rich comfort food we all know as lasagna. Certain there’s a better way, I set out to make a vegetable lasagna that’s still able to comfort you on dismal days yet one that won’t leave you with a hangover of guilt.

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Make Vegetable Bolognese to Fill You Up

Vegetable Bolognese recipe

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Everyone has a death row meal. I know that sounds grim, talking about what I would want to eat if I did something terrible and was put to death, but I have a feeling we all have that one meal we’d request. Bolognese is mine. There’s nothing better to eat on a chilly fall day. It has the ability to send comfort all throughout your bones and soul and make the entire day wash away. I call it a hug in a bowl.

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Saute Corn with Bacon Vinaigrette

Corn with Bacon Vinaigrette recipe

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When people ask me what my favorite cuisine/dish/vegetable/fruit is, I can never give a straightforward answer. Perhaps it makes me sound indecisive when I start going on about my mood and the seasons, but asking someone who’s life’s passion is food, to pick just one is a bit like asking a parent which of their children they like the best.

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