Infuse Thai Flavor into Green Curry Crab Cakes

Green Curry Crab Cakes recipe

When developing recipes even the most inspired ideas can come to screeching halt when an ingredient isn’t available. I had originally planned for some awesome crab and corn cakes this week, but after visiting 3 stores I couldn’t find any corn — fresh, canned or otherwise. Taking that as a sign that using corn in the middle of winter was probably not the best idea, I went home with over a pound of crab meat and no idea what I was going to do with it.

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Sushi-At-Home: Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll recipe

One of my favorite sushi spots in Los Angeles, is called Hama, located in Little Tokyo. They have strict rules: no sides of rice served, no rolls stuffed with cream cheese and absolutely no picture-taking of your food, which is a hard one for someone like me who loves Instagram. My favorite is sitting at the cozy bar, sipping beer and eating one delicious piece of fish after the other. It’s an epic dinner. The downside is that since the restaurant is small, and is very popular, the wait can be brutal.

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Winter Soup Idea: Butternut Squash and Garlic Soup

Butternut Squash and Garlic Soup recipe

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With a foot of fresh powder on the ground and snowdrifts that would give the Great Sand Dunes a run for their money, winter is still bearing down hard on in the northern latitudes. While I’ve got the gear to venture out and restock my pantry, I certainly don’t have the motivation.

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Classy, Simple Desserts: Blood Orange Granita

Blood Orange Granita recipe

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I love the act of getting warm. I’m pretty sure this is one of the main reasons why I love winter. There’s nothing better than seeking warmth from the cold, drinking hot tea or changing into soft pajamas.

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Gomoku Gohan Features Rice and Seasonal Ingredients

Gomoku Gohan recipe

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Gomoku Gohan, which literally means “five item rice” is the Japanese equivalent of pilaf. As the name implies it involves rice cooked with five other things. What those are, depends largely on the household, but typical additions include, fried tofu, chicken, fish, bamboo, carrots, mushrooms, lotus root, burdock, konnyaku, fishcake, and edamame. But really you can get a little creative and include any combination of ingredients that are going to create a great stock with contrasting textures.

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Start the Day with Steel Cut Porridge and Honeyed Pecans

Steel Cut Porridge with Honeyed Pecans

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I’m not sure if you caught wind or tuned in this week, but Downton Abbey has made its fourth season premiere in the U.S. and I couldn’t be more excited about its return! I’m a huge fan of writer, Julian Fellows, and have been a longtime fan of dramas that explore the tales of class division, the very intertwined relationships between royalty and their servants, and the gossip is, well, just fun. I guess you could say I’m a lover of all things British. As a kid, I devoured everything Austen-esque, I currently drive a British car and own a British dog (corgi lovers unite!). And tea and scones in the afternoon? I can’t think of a better ritual.

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Hijiki Salad: Nutritious Salad Without Produce

Hijiki Salad recipe

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hi as in helium ji as in jeans ki as in keys.

After the excesses of the holidays and the inevitable healthy eating resolutions that follow in the New Year, I’m guessing I’m not the only one looking for some tasty salads. Unfortunately with spring still months away, trips down the produce aisle are less than inspiring.

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Blend Up an Acai and Banana Smoothie

Acai and Banana Smoothie recipe

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I know it’s a bit cliche to start the year providing recipes for foods like smoothies, soups and salads, but I really do think it’s what my body wants right now. Cheese-smothered biscuits and Frito pie isn’t the thing my mind is gravitating towards–even though I do love those foods with all my heart.

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