Keep It Simple with Tomato Garlic Chicken

Tomato Garlic Chicken recipe

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As a kid, my mother made an iteration of this dish at least once a week for my brother and me. It was the easiest of easy dishes she made. She didn’t need to look at a recipe; she usually had all of the ingredients, minus the chicken, on hand at any given moment; and on those nights when she wasn’t all that inspired to try something new, this was her go-to.

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How to Make Vegan Grape Jelly

Vegan Grape Jelly recipe

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When I was little, I hated going to a friend’s birthday parties because lunch was almost guaranteed to be hot dogs and jell-O, two of my least favorite foods as a kid. While I didn’t know it at the time, both foods come from the leftover bits of animals as they are processed into meat.

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Toast the Holidays with Spiced Cranberry Sangria

Spiced Cranberry Sangria recipe

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The next three weeks will be an absolute whirlwind. There will be holiday parties, gatherings, cookie exchanges, office parties and so much more that will make me feel a little bit overwhelmed. It’s the happiest time of year…but also the time that moves the fastest and most stressful.

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Take a Lesson from Dr. Seuss: Green Mac and Cheese

Green Mac and Cheese recipe

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I was recently cooking for a family where I was instructed not to use anything green in the food for the kids “because they won’t eat anything green”.
Since I’d been asked specifically by the parents not to use green, I resisted the urge to sneak something in, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the kids would eat green food if it were framed the right way.

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How to Make Pan Drippings Gravy

Pan Drippings Gravy recipe

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Everything is better with gravy. And I mean, everything! I always put gravy on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and even bread. It’s the quiet star on the Thanksgiving table that makes everything it comes in contact infinitely more tasty.

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Impress Guests with Grilled Almond Shrimp

Grilled Almond Shrimp recipe

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Whether it’s Paella or Cioppino, one sure way to impress a table of guests is to bring out a platter of whole seafood. These grilled whole shrimp are no exception. Seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika and olive oil before being grilled, they’re finished with a sauce made of oil-roasted almonds.

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Make Citrus Dry-Brined Turkey for Thanksgiving

Citrus Brined Turkey recipe

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Have you ever been in charge of making the turkey for your Thanksgiving Day feast? If so, I bet you might’ve been a little stressed, especially if it was your first go. There’s a lot at stake! Turkeys aren’t the cheapest; everyone is starving and excited; and we hardly ever cook turkeys throughout the year so there’s no time to practice!

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Gomoku Chahan Features Rice and Seasonal Ingredients

Gomoku Chahan recipe

Similar to the culture of American-style Chinese food we have in the States, Japan has wafu-chuuka or “Japanese-style Chinese”. Along with dishes like Ramen and Ebi Chiri, Gomoku Chahan or “Five Ingredient Fried Rice” is a great example of this pseudo-cuisine.

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