Discover Crispy and Tangy Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu recipe

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Tonkatsu is a dish I grew up eating and knowing as Japanese food. To me, Tonkatsu is as Japanese as chicken teriyaki, tempura and sushi. So why is it that when I went to Japan, people looked at me like I’m short a few brain cells when I called Tonkatsu washoku (Japanese food)?

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Bake Mouthwatering White Chocolate Chip Cookies

white chocolate chip cookies

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We all have those days where we just need a cookie. I’m a firm believer that no day is so bad that it can’t be made better (even a teeny bit!) with a hot bubble bath and a homemade cookie.

Well, friends, I’ve got the cookie for you.

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Prepare International Variations of Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff recipe

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Although Stroganoff was originally a Russian dish, it’s found its way to almost every corner of the world, from Japan to Brazil to Australia. Each location has its own unique twist and the dish is served with a different starch. In Japan for example, soy sauce is added to the sauce along with whipping cream and it’s served with rice.

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Welcome Back Spring Produce to Farmers Markets

Spring Produce

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It’s that time of year again! That time of year when farmers markets begin to open back up after a sleepy cold winter allowing us, once again, to anxiously grab our lattes, our reusable shopping bags and stock up on fresh spring produce.

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Braise Lamb with Spices for a Great Flavor

Braised Lamb with Chickpeas

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With the weather warming and the winter chill thawing, it won’t be long before it’s too warm to have the oven on for hours to braise something. As I was cleaning out the freezer the other day, I found a lamb shoulder that’s been in there since last summer. I decided to thaw it out and do something with it before it got lost again for another season.

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Brew Mexican Coffee with an Added Kick

Mexican Coffee

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On a recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, I experienced one of the most delicious cocktails of my coffee-obsessed life: Mexican Coffee.

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Create a Colorful Plate with Salade Lyonnaise

Salade Lyonnaise

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I’m not a big fan of salads. I love vegetables and I even like them raw sometimes, but call it a salad and it rouses some negative associations and when scanning a menu, my eyes keep moving down the list. Put the words “Salade Lyonnaise” on a menu though and my eyes will jerk to a stop.

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Try a Tempeh Sandwich for Lunch

Tempeh Sandwich

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PBS Food’s Sandwich Madness put me in the mood for a sandwich recipe, so today I wanted to share with you guys one of my very favorites…made up of very unlikely ingredients!

Perhaps you’ve seen tempeh in the produce section of your local grocery store, or maybe you’ve even tried it! It’s made from partially cooked and fermented soybeans, and has a higher protein and fiber content than tofu. In fact, tempeh might even be considered healthier than tofu, as it’s less processed.

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