Light and Refreshing Tomato Anchovy Pasta


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Warm pasta in the summer is kinda tricky. On the one hand, pasta is great ALL THE TIME. But it was literally 100 degrees yesterday in Los Angeles and surprisingly muggy, so hot food hasn’t been exactly a priority for me. This pasta dish is a bit different because it is so flavorful and light.

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Vibrancy Found in Tofu Banh Mi

Tofu Banh Mi

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I’ve said this before, but Bahn Mi is my favorite sandwich– ever. Made with an airy Vietnamese-style baguette stuffed with the vibrant colors, textures and flavors of Southeast Asia, it’s a brilliant melding of two famously good culinary cultures and is one of the few good things to come from French colonial rule of the country.

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Picnic Ready Mozzarella Tomato Orzo Salad


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I’m always on the lookout for pasta salads that I can take to picnics. A few weeks ago, I went to an outdoor movie screening of A League of Their Own (maybe the best movie ever!) and I threw something like this together on a whim.

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Summer Side Salad: Red Cabbage Slaw

Red Cabbage Slaw

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If you’ve been following along for awhile you know that I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise in coleslaw. For me, mayo gives coleslaw a cloying richness that’s a bit too much for the rich foods it’s usually served with, like buttermilk fried chicken or sloppy joes.

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The IT Summer Dessert: Blackberry Coconut Popsicles


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I have strong opinions about popsicles.

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Finally Vegan Salisbury Steaks Full of Flavor

Vegan Salisbury Steak

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“Tofu” and “Flavorful” aren’t two words you often hear together unless there’s a “not” in between them, but these Vegan Salisbury Steaks are about as flavorful as they come. I used my vegan ground meat made from frozen tofu as the base for these because it has a porous texture like cooked ground beef, absorbing flavors like a sponge.

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Escape the Heat with Cantaloupe Margaritas


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We’re gearing up for a wretched heatwave in Los Angeles and I’m preparing to do some serious outdoor eating and drinking. I’m currently in the midst of planning a big lobster/crab/shrimp boil. Have you guys ever thrown one before? If you have any tips, please share!

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A New Way to Pair Fig and Gouda: In a Quesadilla

Fig and Gouda Quesadilla

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There’s nothing novel about pairing figs and gouda, but stuffing them both between two tortillas that crisp into a flakey buttery crust, takes the classic combo to all new heights. It may sound simple enough to do, but it took a non-standard approach to quesadilla making to get the result I was looking for.

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