Barbecue with Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad

Grilled Corn Salad

Grilling season is going full-bore and I’m out barbecuing almost every day while I still can.  Unfortunately I always seem to end up with coals so hot that they’ll turn the surface of any meat into carbon before the middle is cooked.

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“Indulge” With Dairy-Free Spinach Stuffed Shells

Dairy-Free Spinach Stuffed Shells

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I can pack away some serious stuffed shells.

Cheesy, warm and delicious, stuffed shells are the ultimate comfort food out there in my opinion. They’re also a great make-ahead dish for company. Whose eyes don’t widen when they see a huge pan of shells coming out of the oven?

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Save Stale Bread with Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad

I love a good crusty loaf of bread, but unless I’m having friends over, I can rarely finish an entire loaf before it’s hard enough to cause injury.

At this point, most people would throw the bread away, but my Japanese upbringing always leaves me with a nagging feeling of my mother saying “mottainai”, or “what a waste!”.  In Italy, people take a similar approach to food, where nothing is wasted and stale bread is often turned into breadcrumbs.

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Explore Swiss Chard with Lemon and Hazelnuts

Swiss Chard

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One of the things I love the most about where I live in California is that we get such amazing produce, especially in the summer! There are farmer’s markets year-round here, but everything just seems to come in full force during the summer months and I just can’t get enough. This is my second year participating in a CSA program with a local farm here and I’ve been just loving getting a huge bag bursting with fresh veggies once a week. And one of the veggies that has been the spotlight lately is Swiss chard!

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Hiyashi Chuka Soba Isn’t Your Typical Ramen Noodle Dish

Hiyashi Chuka Soba

While it literally translates to “chilled Chinese noodles”, Hiyashi Chuka Soba isn’t actually a Chinese dish. Nor does it include buckwheat soba noodles. During the sweltering summers in Japan, noodles such as soba and udon are traditionally served cold. It’s not a big surprise then that ramen (also known as chuka soba) turned into a cold noodle salad with a tangy sesame vinaigrette.

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Make Japanese Pork Soup for Culture and Global Giving

Meat-Wrapped Rice

See traditional family-friendly Japanese recipes in Peko Peko: A Charity Cookbook for Japan

It’s been over four months since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami and nuclear disaster rocked Japan. While reconstruction efforts are well under way, it will be years before things are back to normal for the tens of thousands of people who were affected by the disasters.

Not long after the March 11th disasters, Stacie Billis of One Hungry Mama along with Rachael Hutchings of La Fuji Mama came up with the idea of creating a charity cookbook for Japan filled with family friendly recipes alongside contributor’s anecdotes of their connection with Japan.

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Beat the Heat with Kicked Up Gazpacho

Ingredients for Gazpacho

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I don’t know where you live, but here in California it is hot, hot, hot right now! It’s so hot that the last thing I want to do is turn on my oven or even spend any extra energy cooking when I don’t have to. The most refreshing thing lately? Gazpacho.

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Meet Marc Matsumoto – Blogger and Food Enthusiast

Marc Matsumoto, blogger for Fresh Tastes

Marc Matsumoto

My food philosophy is that with good ingredients, a little technique and a dash of inspiration, anyone can make simple, delicious, nutritious food. That’s why I started my blog No Recipes, where I write about my inspirations and give insight into the techniques I used to make a dish.

Food for me has been a life-long journey of exploration and discovery. It’s not just a form of sustenance, or even just a form of pleasure; food bridges gaps and brings people closer together. That’s why I recently left a career in marketing to make food, eat it, and share the experience with the world. Put simply, food is my life, and always has been.

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