Jacques and Julia: A Lesson in Friendship

By Kim Mahar, Pastry Chef, RN74 Seattle

Julia and Jacques showed me the power of friendship, by celebrating life’s most fundamental ritual together, as the best of friends.

What a better example than to see the twinkle-eyed Jacques giggling under his breath with Julia while filming their cooking shows, for reasons only known to the passionate duo. After plating a dessert ,Julia might have said something like, “You most certainly cannot put this glass in the dishwasher” Then laugher would be shared between the two friends, and “CUT!” Was it something discussed before the show? Did she go off to banter about durable stem wear behind the camera? Did Jacques tell her she needed to upgrade to that fancy dishwasher for the new modern woman? The details were unimportant to me because I would be left feeling the magic of friendship that would warm my heart to the core. Julia and Jacques showed me just how powerful celebrating the culinary process together, with people that you love, can be.

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Inspired by Julia Child’s Sense of Humor

By Seisuke Kamimura, RN74 Seattle

What I find inspiring about Julia Child was her sense of humor. I remember seeing her use a Kitchen Aid and the flour going everywhere. She also had this ease about her in the kitchen that made me feel good. It reminds me of the well-known photo where there is a man sitting in a low cupboard handing Julia something while she is taping her show. TV production has come a long way from then. I also remember the Saturday Night Live skit that Dan Akroyd did. I am not the only one who thought she had a sense of humor!

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Mastering the Art of Living

By Susanna Reich

I’ve admired Julia Child for almost as long as I can remember. She was skillful, confident, funny, full of of joy and energy, a passionate cook and a passionate eater. As a kid, I watched her on television and was transfixed. In my twenties, I was given Mastering the Art of French Cooking and its lucid, detailed explanations convinced me that complicated recipes were within my grasp. Years later, I was thrilled to meet Julia when I created the flowers for her 80th birthday party at the Rainbow Room in New York. How I wish she were here now to enjoy the books, articles and accolades bursting forth on the occasion of her 100th!

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Happy Birthday From The White House

By Bill Yosses, White House Executive Pastry Chef

Julia Child inspired many chefs in her long career, myself included. And her infectious laugh and personality were as influential as her deep knowledge of the principles of good cooking. She minced onions but no words when it came to those who took kitchen shortcuts or who didn’t fully acquire cooking skills. The best party I ever attended was organized by the ebullient chef Michel Richard in celebration of Julia Child’s 80th birthday in February 1993 in Marina del Rey in California. She had actually turned 80 the year before but no matter, any excuse for a good “fête.”

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She Put French Food Within Your Reach

By Hedda Gioia Dowd, rise n°1

For as long as I can remember, food has been the center of my universe. One of my earliest and fondest memories is climbing a cherry tree in my grandparents grove in France, sitting on a branch, picking my first pair of ruby earrings-red cherries- and placing them ever so carefully around each one of my ears.

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Five Minutes with Julia Child

By Sam Goldman, The StillRoom

In 1994 I was Executive Chef with M. Fahrer Caterers in New York and we were catering the first anniversary of the Food Channel. Their TV chefs were too busy to actually cook, so we were provided with recipes from each of the hosts. It was a tough day, as the TV chefs tasted our version of their recipes and muttered various insults and complaints. (Of course they’d probably all left out one ingredient; I’d do the same thing today!)

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Stay Curious

By Terry Boyd, Blue Kitchen

You’ll find Julia sprinkled throughout the pages of Blue Kitchen (and it’s interesting that we all feel comfortable enough with her to call her that, not Ms. Child—but that was the kind of warmth and comfort she always inspired). There are actual recipes, of course, starting with Potage Parmentier, the simple six-ingredient potato leek soup she made for her beloved husband and collaborator Paul almost every day. And there was Skate Meunière with Browned Butter and Capers, based on the life-changing sole meunière Julia ate on her first day in France with Paul.

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Julia’s Mousse Makes Life Better

(Reprinted from: This Mama Cooks)

By Anne-Marie Nichols, This Mama Cooks

Was junior high fun for you? For me, not so much. Sure I had good friends like Suzanne who I’d walk with back and forth to school. Or Lauren who loved the Beatles as much as I did. Yet there were the days that I was mercilessly teased about my not-so-cool Levi’s corduroys. Or maybe one of the older boys called me Big Nose Barnett once again. (So original those older boys.)

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