I Can’t Imagine the World Without Her Influence

By Michael Natkin, Herabivoracious.com

When I first started cooking, in Louisville, KY in the 1970s, I didn’t have access to a lot of cookbooks. But my mom did have Mastering the Art on her shelf, and I read it cover to cover and made her crepes, mayonnaise and many other simple dishes. Julia’s fanatical attention to detail in her recipes was fascinating. It wasn’t always easy to sort out which of the fine points were crucial and which were just niceties, but she taught me to scrutinize every aspect and not be satisfied with “adequate” food – an impact that I still feel, 30 years later. I can’t imagine how different the food world would be today without her influence.

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Absolutely Fearless in the Kitchen

By Nick Evans, Macheesmo

To me, the thing that made Julia Child amazing is that she was absolutely fearless in the kitchen. She was never afraid to tackle huge projects. When she succeeded she made it look easy and when she failed, she laughed it off.

In short, I think she gave people true confidence in the kitchen by making recipes easy to understand and no matter what, she always had fun.

About Nick Evans

Nick has been writing about food for four years on his popular food blog. He updates it daily with delicious and easy-to-follow homemade recipes.

You can find Nick at his website Macheesmo, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.



It All Started With the Soufflé

By Meredith Steele, In Sock Monkey Slippers

In a little corner of a kitchen in Dallas, Texas, floated the familiar voice of Julia Child over the hum of an old TV. That’s where I rushed to everyday after school beginning when I was a child. I glued my face to the TV watching fervently and learning more than I ever did in school.

I thought I had finally found a class I could make A’s in when I signed up for home economics only to be disappointed when the only recipe on the syllabus was a boiled potato, carrot, and onion dish. I came home that day disappointed and thoroughly let down. But in an instant, I was inspired with the sound of Julia’s voice and how she made everything look achievable. I remember that day clearly, as it was the cheese soufflé episode.

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The Journey Was as Significant as the Destination

By Jasmine Mangalaseril, Confessions of a Cardamom Addict

If I have only the scantest soupçon of Julia Child’s unabashed kitchen enthusiasm, then I am a better person for it.

Julia taught us how to knead bread, whip egg whites to medium peaks, and fillet fish. Along the way, she thunked dough with a rolling pin, clattered pans as she cleared her work surface, and handled a razor-sharp knife with the same aplomb as Margaret Rutherford’s sword-wielding Miss Marple.

But her influence on me went beyond all that.

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Unabashed Love, Passion and Joy

By Julie Mastbrook, Mommie Cooks

When I think of Julia Child, the word that comes to mind most is “Joy”. Never before and never since has a chef had such unabashed love, passion and pure joy for the food they created and the lessons they shared.

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A Lesson in Living Life

By Kathy Strahs, Panini Happy

Beyond her profound impact on the food world, it was the way in which Julia Child lived her life – how she challenged herself, pursued uncharted territory and taught what she learned to others – that inspires me most.

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Marc Matsumoto Breaks Down Julia’s Bouillabaisse

Julia inspired a generation of home cooks and left an indelible mark on America’s culinary heritage. Her tome, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, set out to do what no other American cookbook had done before: to make French cuisine accessible to the masses.

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Julia Taught Me to Live With Abandon

By Kate Selner, Kate in the Kitchen

Julia Child lived with an abandon that was palpable, a passion that shined. She never apologized for mistakes, in the kitchen or not, and was open to trying everything that came her way. She found joy in the simple slicing of an onion and didn’t allow set-backs to derail her. If something came out poorly in her cooking, she simply set it out and didn’t try to rationalize the error.

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