Rye Crepes with Pear and Cheddar

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As a French Canadian, I grew up on crepes. In fact, crepes were our go-to fast food when my mom didn’t know what else to make. “I don’t know what to cook tonight” she would say to which I would inevitably respond “let’s have crepes!” If they were dinner crepes, she would make them with whole wheat flour and stuff them with something savory like mushrooms and cheese. Morning crepes were generally lighter, made with unbleached white flour and only a little bit of whole grain flour. These usually involved an unrestrained amount of butter and maple syrup. Dark buckwheat crepes were also a frequent choice and those would either be served with a savory filling or with butter and molasses. To this day, a butter and molasses buckwheat crepe is my ultimate snack when I don’t feel like making anything complicated. I’ve learned to whip up a crepe batter in 5 minutes flat. After all, crepes are essentially just flour, eggs, and milk beaten together.

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Pumpkin Maple Crème Caramel

Pumpkin Maple Creme Caramel recipe

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Put a crème caramel in front of me and I absolutely melt. As a kid, I thought crème caramel was a fancy pants dessert that people only ate in restaurants. Given even the most tantalizing of dessert menus, if I saw crème caramel on it, my decision was already made. But sometime during my teenage years, I learned how easy it is to make at home, and between homework and band practices, I began regularly churning out little ramekins of crème caramel and other flan variations (coffee flan was a big hit for a while). This was all much to my mom’s delight since she shared my custard obsession. There’s nothing quite as simple as whisking together eggs, milk, and sugar, tucking it into the oven, and waiting for it to magically settle into a dainty wobble and become the ultimate comfort food: sweet silky goodness. Though it’s a dessert best eaten cold, I’ve always associated it with fall since that’s when I always used to make it.

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Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

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Something very lovely happens to red peppers when you roast them. They become infused with an irresistible aroma and filled with a sweet syrup. This recipe uses roasted red peppers to make a rich pesto that is delicious on pasta, bruschetta, polenta, etc. The options are endless.

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Maple Walnut Stuffed Baked Apples

Maple Walnut Baked Apples recipe

As a kid, my mom would often make baked apples. They’re quick to prepare and they make a relatively healthy treat: just apples, maple syrup, spices, walnuts, and a bit of butter. If you’re a fan of apple pie but you can’t stand making pie crust, then this is the recipe for you. This dessert hits the apple pie spot, without the fuss of a crust and peeling and chopping of apples. Kids love making and eating this simple dessert.

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Pickled Eggplant in Olive OIl

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There are few things more satisfying than growing your own eggplant. First, there are so many different varieties to choose from, of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Rye Berry Salad

Rye Berry Salad recipe

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I’ve been a fan of rye for a long time, but this summer has really sealed the deal for my love affair with the handsome grain. Rye is a wholesome and incredibly nutritious grain and for the past few years, I’ve had the joy of watching it grow.

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Blackberry Swirl Cheesecake

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In my books, there’s really nothing that beats a slice of classic cheesecake, especially when summer is in its full glory and the berries are fresh and plentiful!

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Creamy Wild Blueberry Frozen Yogurt (With or Without an Ice Cream Maker)

Wild Blueberry Frozen Yogurt recipe

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Late summer in the northeast means wild blueberries! There are few pleasures in life as satisfying as picking wild blueberries. It takes time, but it forces you to slow down and appreciate ever little berry. I never get tired of fresh blueberries. I eat them every day while they’re in season, usually with a generous amount of cream and maple syrup.

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