Women Makers



You know the saying: A woman’s place is in the … distillery. Wait, what? From whiskey to fishmongering to chemical engineering, Kelly visits a trio of women in Asheville, NC who are closing the door on outdated colloquialisms and blazing a new path in what were once the sole domains of men.

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Thanksgiving Special: The Life of a Turkey



Kelly visits an organic turkey farm to see how they raise their turkeys to live more humanely and happily — long before they make it to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Going Home



Kelly returns to her roots: a tiny farm town of 200 in Missouri. She explores how agriculture has changed and evolved, while comforting her own dark past.

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Hawaii Heritage



Kelly gets wet and muddy by foraging, spearfishing and net throwing in preparation for the Ka Malama dinner series, which brings together the natural foods of Hawaii’s oceans and lush valleys in a celebration of the islands’ unique heritage.

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Season 3, Episode 4: Light of Hope



Food can provide more than just physical strength — it can build confidence, hope and community. Kelly visits Light of Hope, a school for rescued girls near Nairobi, Kenya. She gets a lesson in chapati, a traditional Kenyan flatbread, and sees first-hand how the school is building a community of strong, smart, confident women.

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Season 3, Episode 3: Addiction



Kelly visits Dave’s Killer Bread expecting to understand America’s addiction to bread. But she ends up learning how this Milwaukie, OR, company is providing much-needed second chances and trying to help beat America’s addiction to incarceration.

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Season 3, Episode 2: Childhood (And the Search for Puerto Rico’s Lost Pepper)



Kelly joins Portland chef Cristina Baez on a journey to Puerto Rico to reconnect with the food of her childhood and solve a mystery: Why has the caballeros (or Gentleman’s) pepper disappeared?

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Season 3, Episode 1: The Insides



This week, Kelly explores what it means to be a responsible meat eater. She meets Carlo Lamagna, head chef at Clyde Common in Portland, to learn how to properly slaughter and butcher a hog. Then, Chef Carlo shows Kelly how to use the organs — parts that often get wasted — in some of his favorite family recipes from the Philippines. Those recipes and his personal connection to the meat are inspiration for the innovative dishes (things like crispy fried pig ears and offal) that Carlo is bringing to the trendy set in Portland.

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