Homemade Rhubarb Hard Candy

Discover how to turn your favorite farmers market finds into a sweet treat. Kelly visits Quin Candy in Portland for a lesson in homemade hard candy.These rhubarb lollipops are simple, elegant and made entirely with ingredients you can pronounce!

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Salt of the Earth

Salt is one of man’s oldest, most-used and most important ingredients. But do you have any idea where your salt comes from? See how Jacobsen Salt is producing American’s finest finishing salts along the seashores of Oregon.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Foraging

Are you brave enough to forage your dinner? Kelly scours the Oregon coast for mussels, greens and edible flowers with James Beard Award semifinalist chef Justin Wills.

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The Boar Hunt, Part 2

Armed with her freshly-caught boar, Kelly visits Chef Amar for a class in Butchery 101. Plus, you’ll see how to make a mouthwatering prune-stuffed pork loin with a white bean puree and caramelized green onions in a red wine jus.

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The Boar Hunt, Part 1

You’ve seen the horror stories about the treatment of pigs at large pork producers. But small heritage farms offer big waitlists and bigger prices. The solution? Hunt for one of the millions of wild boars digging up our backyards. Join Kelly on a quest for her own pig.

How important is quality of life of the animal when you are shopping for meat? Tell us in the comments!

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Locally-Sourced Liquor in North Carolina

Think it doesn’t matter if your liquor comes from local ingredients? Think again. Kelly does a blind taste test when she visits TOPO Distillery in Chapel Hill, NC.

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How To Elevate Your Fresh Catch

The lowcountry of South Carolina is full of fresh seafood options. Kelly learns how to elevate her fresh catch with a leek fondue.

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Gullah Love and a Fish Fry in Myrtle Beach

Learn about the gullah geechee food culture and the perfect lowcountry fish fry. Then join Kelly on an early morning fishing trip and see how to prepare the bounty: a crab stuffed flounder.

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