How to PDX

Want to get a true foodie experience in the PDX? From hard candy to craft beers to tea, Kelly explores those mad scientists we call artisans in Portland.

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How Weather Impacts Wine

Want to choose the perfect wine bottle? Was it hot or cold when the grapes were grown? You’ll be surprised to learn how important the growing season weather is when picking a vintage and food pairing.

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Brunch on a Budget in Portland

Looking for a spicy brunch on a budget that will impress your guests? Its easier than you think. Learn how to navigate any supermarket with the ax-wielding chef Jason French of Ned Ludd, Portland. He’s making a $20 brunch that can easily serve 20 people.


Texas Hill Country Wine

Something big is happening in Texas. They are making good wine! Discover the tasting notes of some tasty Italian wines including Aglianico and Vermentino.

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Dove Hunting in Dallas

There’s no waiting in line for the hottest new dish in Texas. This is a hunt to table. Killer Chef Jesse Morris takes Kelly out on her first hunt as he shows his buddies how to go beyond the bacon wrap and get into dove carnitas!

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Pinot Noir in Washington

Drink up on camping adventure! Head to Washington state with Kelly as she breaks down the tasting notes and grape growing requirements for pinot noir – a temperamental grape.

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Crabbing in Seattle with Alice Currah

No fish? No food. No dinner. Kelly and blogger Alice Currah take on some feisty crabs in the Puget Sound before enjoying a Pacific Northwest Sunday brunch, featuring Alice’s crab rangoon.

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Bodega Bay Campside Clams

Let’s forage! Actually, “foraging” is too delicate a word to describe a morning spent elbow deep in thick mud tugging and pulling clams from deep in the muck. Join Hank Shaw as he takes Kelly into the foggy waters of Bodega Bay California on the hunt for gaper clams.

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