Orange Creamsicle


We’re often inspired by the frozen treats we grew up ordering from a truck—Drumstick cones, soft serve, and of course, orange creamsicles. Creamy, yet bursting with bright citrus flavor, this idiosyncratic pop is adored by flavor-conscious kids looking for something more complex and lively than your typical ice cream sandwich. (Got a creamsicle fan in the family? Watch out—you might have a future chef on your hands.)


The idea to create a deconstructed riff on an orange creamsicle came about while we were developing our Fresh Orange Fluid Gel. What better way, we figured, to showcase that intense citrus and luscious texture than by contrasting it with cooling vanilla? We soon realized that our Olive Oil Cake, Egg-Free Vanilla Ice Cream, and bittersweet, chewy, Half-Candied Blood Orange would work perfectly in the dessert too. Finally, we took half of the fluid gel and made a foam, so that diners can experience the flavor via two distinct textures.

The result: a dessert that’s at once refined and playful, and a dish that will delight everyone who ever raced up to an ice cream truck, dreaming of something sweet.


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