Sous Vide Pork Chop



A lot of home cooks suffer from pork phobia. Understandable, considering the mass misconception—which persisted for decades in the US—that even a blush of pink meant meat was almost certainly lethal. Fear of undercooking led to a profusion of unappetizing, overdone chops. Either the other white meat killed you, or it kept you at the table for hours, attempting to chew through a stringy mess of a dinner. Complicating matters: that already-alluded-to “other white meat” campaign. Thanks to the effort to market pork as a competitor to chicken, once-fatty chops are now often a whole lot leaner and thus dry out quickly at high oven temperatures.

This is why we love preparing pork chops sous vide. We cook them low and slow in water, then give them a quick sear. The low-temperature water keeps the pork juicy while heating it through, and the searing provides a crisp, brown crust to contrast with the tender meat. This is pork how it’s supposed to taste—and hot damn, does it taste delicious.


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