When we’re children, everything around us is a source of wonder. Our days are full of magic and discovery. Nothing is dull and everything seems new. But then we settle into routine.

How can we rediscover our natural curiosity? The answers are still out there. The Earth is still full of magic and secrets.

Bay Area resident Kirk Lombard hasn’t lost that boyish curiosity. Forager, fisherman and lover of nature, Lombard is always finding life and nourishment in the cracks that we often pass right by, both near the water and on dry land.

Curiosity feeds the soul and the belly. Lombard is an excellent tour guide to reignite those childhood passions. You can still find wonder in the world, if you know where to look. Just be ready, like Kirk, to deal with some obstacles along the way.

Watch The Videos


The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 1

Sea forager Kirk Lombard’s embarks upon a curious adventure seeking monkeyface eel in San Francisco Bay. Continue


The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 2

Kirk, Mikey and Wild Girl forage the streets of Portland, Oregon, for secret ingredients. Continue


The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 3

In rural Oregon, Russian immigrant Sergei teaches Kirk and Mikey how to forage for weeds. Continue

The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 4

Kirk and Mikey find the limits of their foraging powers on an epic salmon fishing journey. Continue

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