Ten Essential Thanksgiving Planning Tips


Tip #4: Check linens for stains one week in advance. Soak stained linens 2-3 days in a solution of ¼ cup laundry detergent in a sink full of cold water, rinse well, and hang to dry. Press.

Washing Machine

Checking and washing your linens in advance prevents last-minute stress.

If your celebration will be a casual one, check your stock of paper plates and napkins before heading out to shop. There are so many wonderful designs of Thanksgiving paper products available these days, and they make clean up a snap. For more formal gatherings, choose between your everyday casual dinner and glassware and your china, crystal and silver. One thing is certain – there’s no better time to enjoy the lovely tableware and linens that are tucked away in your cupboards than during Thanksgiving. And when you set the table 3 or 4 days ahead with your beautiful accessories, it can be a creative, pleasurable ritual that adds joy to the occasion. Just remember to mix and match colors, shapes, textures, and heights for an eye catching display.