2010 Super Bowl Food Commercials

The following commercials were featured during the 2010 Super Bowl. Which one was your favorite?

Snickers Commercial

In this hilarious Snickers ad, Betty White is tackled in football and later transforms into a young man after taking a bite of the candy bar.

Doritos Commercials

Dog Gets Revenge: a dog gets revenge (and a bag of Doritos) by shocking a man with his own anti-bark collar.

Play Nice: a little boy lays down some ground rules for his Mom’s date.

Casket: a man fakes his own death to live in a casket full of Doritos.

Weight Room: some gym buddies steal a bag of chips from the locker of a self-proclaimed Dorito samurai.

Coca-Cola Commercials

Simpsons: as Mr. Burns faces the loss of his fortune and worldly belongings, he learns to appreciate life’s simple pleasures like friends and family.

Sleepwalk: a man takes a midnight safari stroll in search of a satisfying beverage.

Dr. Pepper Commercial

A tribute band of little people play onstage with the real KISS.

Denny’s Commercials

Grand Slam: a man issues a warning to egg-laying hens.

Overworked Chickens: chickens nation-wide scream in fear of the amount of eggs they will need to lay.

Birthday Breakfast: a woman celebrates her birthday and a chicken is not too excited about it.

Taco Bell Commercial

Charles Barkley sings about the Five Buck Box.

Papa John’s Commercial

Papa John himself delivers pizzas around the country.

Emerald Nuts & Pop Secret Commerical

A trainer uses mixed nuts and popcorn to train dolphin-like humans.