2011 Super Bowl Food Commercials

Will the commercials of Super Bowl XLVI be able to top last year’s? If you need a refresher, we have all of the 2011 Super Bowl food ads below.

Snickers Commercial

Snickers followed up its 2010 hit Super Bowl commercial featuring Betty White playing football with Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr as loggers.

Doritos Commercials

Doritos Pug: A man teases his girlfriend’s pooch with a bag of Doritos

Finger Lick: After a man thinks he finished his bag of chips, his friend informs him that he missed the best part…the finger lick.

House Sitting: A neglectful house sitter uses quick thinking (and Doritos) to bring back a goldfish, a plant and a grandpa!

Coca-Cola Commercials

Seige: In Coca-Cola’s “Siege,” we learn that sometimes a little happiness is the most effective weapon.

Border: “Border” tells the story of two soldiers from rival nations who are able to put aside their differences and, for the briefest of moments, see each other as individuals as they share an ice-cold bottle of Coke.

Pepsi Commercials

Love Hurts: A jealous wife takes her anger out using a Pepsi can.

Torpedo Cooler: A man gets revenge by firing Pepsi Max cans out of a cooler.

First Date: An introspective look into the thoughts of a man and a woman on their first date.

Brisk Commercial

Eminem describes why he doesn’t do commercials…while doing a commercial.

Budweiser/Bud Light Commercials

Hack Job: A renovation team transforms a kitchen by putting Bud Light on the counter.

Product Placement: A director decides to add Bud Light to his play to get some free product.

Dog Sitter: A dog sitter throws a Bud Light with the dogs.

Tiny Dancer: An outlaw goes to a saloon and sings Elton John’s Tiny Dancer after drinking some Budweiser.

Wendy’s Commercial

What is the only way to describe when something hits the spot?