The Year in Food 2012: Web Shows

The Lexicon of Sustainability



The Lexicon of Sustainability is a web series based on a simple premise: people can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t even know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability. The first episode deals with the Story of an Egg.

Visit the The Lexicon of Sustainability Website

BBQ With Franklin by KLRU



There are a lot of reasons to love Aaron Franklin. He owns one of the best BBQ joints in Austin. He hangs out with Anthony Bourdain. But our favorite reason is this web show he created with KLRU, BBQ With Franklin. We defy anyone to watch an episode and not immediately crave brisket.

Visit the BBQ With Franklin Youtube Page

Neighborhood Kitchens by WGBH



We love this new restaurant show from WGBH explores culture through food. Each episode offers a unique window into immigrant communities in New England. Margarita Martinez hosts the program.

Visit the Neighborhood Kitchens Website

Great Ingredients by Rocky Mountain PBS



This original web production from Rocky Mountain PBS traves across the state of Colorado to find the best and most-interesting ingredients. The host, Pete Marczyk, is not a chef, he’s a grocer, which brings an interesting take to the show.

Visit the Great Ingredients by Rocky Mountain PBS Website

On the Table



Former public television host and world-renowned chef Eric Ripert hosts this new web series, presented by the RSRV network. In each episode, Eric welcomes in a food celebrity to cook, chat and share time in the kitchen. You don’t want to miss the first episode, featuring Anthony Bourdain.

Visit the On the Table Website

Hilah Cooking



Hilah Johnson’s Hilah Cooking is one of the first food web shows, launching in early 2010. Hilah has a fun personality, makes everything from scratch, and creates achievable dishes for beginner cooks.

Visit the Hilah Cooking Website

Vice’s Munchies



Munchies is a great web show produced by the Vice network. In each episode, a local chef gives you a tour of his own city’s best food spots. And who better to tell you where to eat than a chef?

Visit the Vice’s Munchies Website

On The Anatomy of Thrift



This fascinating look at butchery was created by Farmrun & Farmstead Meatsmith following a crowd-funding experiment. The series focuses on young farmers and their work on responsible, subsistent agricultural lifestyles. There have been only a couple episodes so far, but we love what we’ve seen so far.

Visit the On The Anatomy of Thrift Website

The Fire House Chef



Ryan McKay stars in this fascinating look at the food prepared by firemen for firemen in the firehouse. McKay’s stated mission is to bring family and food back together by proving that “anyone can cook.”

Visit the The Fire House Chef Website

CHOW Supertaster Daily



Supertester Daily is the video home to CHOW.com columnist James Norton’s daily blog, which provides often-hilarious commentary and analysis on the world of fast food and consumer products. We love Norton’s personality willingness to do just about anything for a yuk.

Visit the CHOW Supertaster Daily Website