Kitchen Gift Guide: The New Mom

PBS Food has created this guide as suggested gifts ideas. We do not endorse any specific product listed here. We recommend comparison shopping and reading expert and customer reviews to make educated decisions.

Image courtesy of Name Bubbles

Customized Labels

When the baby is screaming and the dog is barking, life may seem to be chaos for a new mom. You might not be able to solve those problems, but you can help provide a tiny bit of order with customizable labels. We love these cute labels from Name Bubbles, which can be affixed to nearly any surface and are dishwasher and washing-machine safe.

Name Bubbles Lables at Name Bubbles


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Mini Food Processor

The market is full of different types of baby food makers. But we have found that the most efficient tool is one of these mini food processors. Mom can not only mix up the baby peas, but she can prep for dinner as well. And without having to haul around any big, heavy equipment.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Brushed Chrome at Amazon.com


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Fruit and Veggie Pouch Maker

Fruit and veggie pouches are all the rage for both mom and kids. At up to $3 or $4 a pop, the pouches can get mighty expensive. So why not make your own? This kit from Infantino will let you make your own combinations and package them into super-portable pouches.

Infantino Squeeze Station at Amazon.com


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Quick Brewing Coffee Maker

Free time is at a premium for any new mom, especially in the first few weeks. It can be tough to find enough time to brew a full pot, so we recommend one of quick brewing coffee makers. This Keurig can brew a cup in less than 2 minutes. Mom can find her favorite flavored K-cups, including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and more.

Keurig Mini B31 Plus Red Coffee Maker at Amazon.com


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Stackable, All-Purpose Food Storage

When the kids arrive, storage needs will dramatically increase. Mom will love these highly portable, stackable, freezable storage containers. Whether she’s storing baby food, formula or snacks, these containers have it covered.

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers 2-Ounce, Set 6, Clear at Amazon.com


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Quick Cleaning Bottle Steam Bags

Steam-cleaning bottles is a huge pain in the neck. A set of quick cleaning steam bags will make this process a snap. Just add a little bit of water and throw it in the microwave. Each bag is reusable up to 20 times.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags at Amazon.com



Mom has gone 9 months without wine. It’s time to reward her and celebrate the newest member of the family. If you live near, we recommend visiting a local winery and picking up a sampling of their offerings. If not, there are a number of wine delivery services and many wineries will also ship bottles. (Make sure to check all state laws before ordering.)


Gourmet Prepared Food Delivery

Once a baby arrives, dinner for Mom and Dad often becomes an afterthought. Give the tired parents a break and order some prepared meals for them. Many cities offer local services that will deliver fresh, chef-prepared meals. If you have trouble locating a local business, there are a number of companies, such as Dinewise.com, that offer a wide variety of gourmet products and can deliver anywhere in the United States.


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This collection of non-alcoholic drink recipes is perfect for a mom-to-be or those moments when a new mom just can’t have a drink. And good news, there even a few alcoholic choices to celebrate the big moments.

Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be at Amazon.com


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Flameless Fragrance

With all that is going on around a new baby, why make mom worry about watching a burning candle? With Scentsy, she can get the same fragrances, without the fears of burning down the house.

Scentsy Graphite Mid-size Warmer for Melting Fragrant WAX at Amazon.com