December Digest: Most Popular Posts and Recipes

We reviewed the best in food from the past year, and shared a variety of recipes both indulgent and healthy. Check out our top recipes and articles from December 2013.

Best Food Blogs of 2013

Ten Food Blogs You Should Be Reading, But Might Not Know About

Its hard to believe, but it seems that food blogs are getting even more popular each year. We see a lot of them, so we wanted to share some of the best blogs you may not have discovered yet.

Creme Anglaise French Toast recipe

Créme Anglaise French Toast

This French toast recipe is made with an ice cream base (créme anglaise). Use challah bread or a brioche for best results.

Mary Poppins Cookbook

Who Was P.L. Travers, Author of Mary Poppins?

P.L. Travers was a misconstrued author who wrote Mary Poppins. The History Kitchen blog dispels myths about the author and shares a recipe from her Mary Poppins cookbook.

Best Cooking Apps of 2013

Ten Indispensible Food And Cookings Apps For Your Device

If you love to cook in 2013, chances are you brought your phone or iPad into the kitchen in order to make a recipe. This year, food and cooking apps really shined. Check out our list of apps you should be using.

Kale, Pomegranate, and Parsnip Salad recipe

Kale, Pomegranate, and Caramelized Parsnip Salad

Prepare a crispy maple-caramelized, roasted parsnips intermingled with sweet pomegranate seeds and shredded kale for a colorful salad.