Episode 4: Desserts


Premieres January 18 [check local listings]

The competition stiffens like whipped peaks. For the Signature, bakers must create so-called “saucy puds” — delicate cakes hiding a gooey filling or saucy surprise at the bottom. In the Technical, bakers take on Mary’s tiramisu. In the Showstopper, they have to beat the odds and the heat to make the perfect baked Alaska. Meltdowns ensue.

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to see the results and vote for your Star Baker.


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Explaining the #Bingate Controversy to America

Spoiler: Explaining the #Bingate Controversy to America

Learn why Episode 4 contained one of the most controversial moments in British television during 2014. Continue


Technical Challenge Recipe

Think you can hang with the contestants on the show? Here is the technical challenge recipe from the judges. Try it at home and see how well you can do.


Contestant Recipes

For each episode, some of the contenstants have made their personal recipes available online. Unfortunately, not all recipes are available.


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