Season 3, Episode 10: The Final


Premiered August 12, 2016 on PBS [check local listings]

Only three of the original twelve bakers remain. They face off in the final challenges. In the final signature challenge, the bakers make 16 iced buns, in two varities, in three hours. In the technical, the judges use one of Paul’s recipes: the bakers mustbake raspberry-flavoured mille-feuille in two hours. The recipe involves pastry, something all of the bakers have struggled with. In the final Showstopper, the bakers are given four hours to make classic British cakes in a multi-layered presentation.


Ian on The Great British Baking Show

Finalist Ian on His Final Week in the Tent

Everything started for Ian because his wife jokingly said she wanted to attend Baking Show’s garden party. Continue


Finalist Tamal on His Final Week in the Tent

Tamal’s older sister taught him how to bake, and he even made her wedding cake. Continue


Finalist Nadiya on Her Final Week in the Tent

Nadiya’s sister-in-law was a big fan of the show, and encouraged her to apply. Nadiya never thought she would make it to the final. Continue


Technical Challenge Recipe


Paul's Raspberry Millefeuille Recipe

Paul’s Raspberry Millefeuille

Recipe available on the BBC Food site


Meet the Bakers


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