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Jane lives in Beckenham with husband Ray where she designs gardens for a living. She has two children, Amy and Henry, who are both at university. When Jane is not in her wellies knee deep in mud she’s donning her leopard print apron in the kitchen. Jane will be up at 5am most mornings getting her bread in the oven, but her favorite time to bake is on the weekend.

Jane’s passion for baking comes from her grandfather who owned a bakery in Hastings, in turn her father also caught the baking bug, and as a 6 year old she was in awe watching her dad pipe and ice the cakes. She loves traditional flavors and baking classic cakes, biscuits and pastry but isn’t afraid to try new challenges. She’s calm under pressure so long as it’s not her nemeses, macarons or ciabatta.


Jane’s Recipes

Love Jane’s creations? Try baking one of his recipes at home and see how well you can do. Don’t forget to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #PBSBakingShow.



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