How To Play Baking Show Bingo

Another “soggy bottom” gets tossed in the waste bin? Paul gives a sarcastic “good luck”? You now have reason to keep track of these GBBS trademarks! Play BINGO and see if you can predict what will happen on the next episode.


How It Works

1. Download the Great British Baking Show BINGO card.

2. Fill in the 16 boxes using the suggested ideas (see bottom of card) or your own predictions. You can change your squares each week.

3. Watch the latest episode on TV or stream it online or in the PBS apps. Mark an X when something on your card happens, and see if you can be a star BINGO baker! Use #PBSBakingShow to let us know if you win. You can even go back and play with old seasons!

Ready, Get Set, BINGO!

Download bingo