Watch Halloween Videos for Recipes

Watch some Halloween episodes to get you in the mood for this spooky holiday.


Is Poisoned Halloween Candy a Myth? from Origin of Everything

Is Poisoned Halloween Candy a Myth? Every year around Halloween, we hear the same concern: you gotta check the candy for poison because strangers put laxatives in Tootsie Rolls, Razor Blades in Apples and heroine in Snickers. But is this trick or treat dilemma an actual reality or just a clever way for your parents to steal your candy?


Halloween from From Scratch

On the third episode of “From Scratch”, celebrate All Hallows’ Eve with the Korcok’s as they spook it up in the kitchen with Ghoulosh and Frankenstein Krispie Treats.

Salted Pumpkin Caramels from Kitchen Vignettes

Halloween is about candy, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with what you see at the supermarket. These salted pumpkin caramels are easy, fun and delicious and come straight from the farmers market.

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Frankenpops from Kitchen Explorers

Making these easy, freaky Frankenpops will put monsters of all ages into the Halloween spirit! It can also double as a Halloween party activity.

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