Holiday Cocktails: Seasonal Drinks from Top Mixologists

Twinkling Tinsel

Photo Credit: Cheri Loughlin

Twinkling Tinsel

Contributing Blogger: Cheri Loughlin of the “The Intoxicologist” blog

“Once the champagne and sorbet blend, Twinkling Tinsel becomes a lemony slice of heaven. It’s cool and slightly tart with balanced, succulent sweetness and is a beautiful celebratory cocktail for the light hearted, care free soul. After all, that is what the holidays are all about; lightening our spirit and enjoying those care free moments with family and friends.”

Twinkling Tinsel Cocktail


For Cocktail Blogger Cheri Loughlin, Twinkling Tinsel is more than just a cocktail. Learn about her spiritual connection with this drink. Discover other holiday cocktails in our collection of original recipes from the top bartenders across the nation.



  • 3 mini scoops meyer lemon sorbet – softened
  • Extra dry champagne


  1. Place scoops of softened meyer lemon sorbet in chilled champagne flute. Slowly top with champagne.
  2. Stir gently to mix sorbet & champagne.
  3. Serve with swizzle stick.


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