Irish Beer Quiz: Answers

1. The water for this popular Irish beer comes from the Wicklow Mountains, just south of Dublin.

  • Answer: Guinness Irish Stout
  • Harp Lager
  • Beamish Stout
  • Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

2. This brewery was founded in 1792 by two men named William. It was the biggest brewery in Ireland for much of the early 19th century and is today owned by Heineken.

  • Answer: Beamish and Crawford Brewery
  • Guinness Sons & Co.
  • Biddy Early Brewery
  • Celtic Brewing Company

3. This is Ireland’s best-selling lager. It is made with water from the Cooley Mountains in Dundalk, Ireland.

  • Answer: Harp Lager
  • Hilden Original Ale
  • Murphy’s Irish Red
  • Blonde Biddy Lager

4. This brewery is named for a legendary 19th-century witch, who was purported to have healing powers.

  • Answer: Biddy Early Brewery
  • Beamish and Crawford Brewery
  • Guinness Sons & Co.
  • Acton’s Country Pub & Microbrewery

5. This beer has long been the chief competitor to Guinness, originating from a rivalry between the cities of Dublin and Cork.

  • Answer: Murphy’s Irish Stout
  • O’Hara’s Celtic Stout
  • Beamish Stout
  • Finian’s Irish Stout

6. This beer was first brewed in 1710 in the town of Kilkenny, Ireland.

  • Answer: Smithwick’s Irish Ale
  • Harp Lager
  • Hilden Original Ale
  • Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

7. This Irish beer pioneer’s contributions are now celebrated with a day named in his honor, a music festival, and toasts across the world.

  • Answer: Arthur Guinness
  • William Crawford
  • William Beamish
  • Connor Finian

8. Guinness merged with Grand Metropolitan in 1997 to form this International Corporation, which is now the world’s largest producer of spirits.

  • Answer: Diageo
  • AB inBev
  • Grupo Modelo
  • Carlsberg

9. Based in Enfield, this is Ireland’s biggest microbrewery.

  • Answer: Celtic Brewing Company
  • Great Northern Brewery
  • Franciscan Well Brewery
  • Acton’s Country Pub & Microbrewery

10. This beer was originally named “Enniscorthy Ruby Ale” and brewed in Enniscorthy from 1864 to 1956. Coors bought the rights to the beer in 1981.

  • Answer: Killian’s Irish Red
  • Murphy’s Irish Red
  • Stranford Lough Barelegs Brew
  • Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale