January Digest: Most Popular Recipes and Posts

The new year welcomed an array of readers favorites – from healthy recipes to knock off the holiday pounds to an appetite for food history articles. Check out which recipes, tips, and blog posts were your favorites during January 2013.

Seaweed Salad recipe

Seaweed Salad

This seaweed salad recipe is a healthy Japanese dish. It is sustainable and loaded with nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium.

History of Sandwiches

History of Sandwiches

So, who came up with this innovative way of serving food? While I’m sure the Earl of Sandwich would like all the credit, the true history of the sandwich is more in depth.

Black Pepper Beef recipe

Black Pepper Beef Recipe

In the world of food, there are few combinations as fabled as pepper and steak. Get this black pepper beef recipe for a delicious dinner.

History of Chicken and Waffles

History of Chicken and Waffles

How did this brunch combination start? Fried chicken and sweet waffles has origins in the 1600s & became a Southern classic.

Avocado Burrito

Avocado Burrito Recipe

This avocado burrito recipe with turkey is a lighter option than beef, but is still a filling weeknight meal.