January Digest: Most Popular Recipes and Posts

Ode to a Twinkie: Pay Tribute with a Haiku

Hostess announced in January that they were filing a second bankruptcy. With the future of America’s quintessential junk food in jeopardy, PBS Food collects the best Haiku poems as an “Ode to a Twinkie.”

Beef Bourguignon with Roasted Potatoes

Fresh Tastes blogger Jenna Weber channels her inner Julia Child with her take on this classic French dish.

Carrot, Tuna, and Avocado Salad

Stock up on plenty of protein, potassium, and fiber with Marc Matusmoto’s recipe for a colorful carrot salad on the Fresh Tastes blog.

Orange Peel Shrimp

January 23rd marked the Chinese New Year, and Jenna shares how to make her favorite Chinese take-out meal in your own kitchen.

Linguine with White Clam Sauce

This pasta recipe was your favorite in January! Lidia Bastianich shares her recipe for linguine from her primetime special, “Lidia Celebrates America.”